Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Great Bowls of Water

Well the bloat/heart cat did not get off so lucky. It did throw a clot at some point post admit. The clot is not a bad one although any clot is bad in a cat, it is now on treatment for that. The hind leg is paralysed and dragging, there is a pulse and it is not in obvious pain, he seems happy and is rolling and purring and loves a tummy tickle. Treatment has started but with the heart as it even if he does go home he stands a good chance of more clots with a less positive outcome.

I went out to triage a GSD about 8 months old who may have drunk bleach. He was a bit noisy and being a GSD l checked he was ok before l approached. To make myself less threatening l decided to sit on the table, this being the only thing handy to sit on other than the floor and my knees hurt enough.
l did not look to closely and planted my backside straight into a red bowl full of water, l did not even know we had red bowls in the place!! and had not realised it was full of water as l was concentrating on the dog. My yelp and sudden stand up did wonders for the animal's confidence. I shot off got a couple of incontinent sheets and threw them over the patch dunno where the mops were, but never to hand when wanted.
After than l got on fine with him, possibly he decided anyone that sat in a waterbowl had to be too stupid to hurt him. He was fine and after the vet checked him he bounded out the door without a backward glance.

We are having a toilet type disagreement with a Siamese at the moment. He is in for anaemia his PCV is going up nicely, however Siamese seem to have a thing about litter trays.
"Simply not for the well bred Siamese darling"
So he puts his front legs in it and goes on the bed, or leans all the way over it and goes on the bed, or pushes the tray up in the air and goes on the bed.
So l removed the tray and put the litter on an incontinence sheet. Will see if he uses that, l have a feeling that it won't be used.
Maybe we should cover the whole of the incubator floor in cat litter, somehow though he would probably still avoid that.

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