Saturday, 30 May 2009

Devonshire Arms - Buxton

Yesterday (Friday) l took my mum out for a drive to Buxton with the idea of seeing some of the peak district national park and getting some lunch, taking her mind off things. My sat nav gave me a lot of motorway so l kept making it recalculate taking that out. Great this brilliant insite into my lack of navigation skills put us in middle of Manchester going out via Longsite, Stockport etc. mile upon mile of traffic, people, traffic lights and stinky city.

We finally got onto the A6 and saw some green countryside as opposed to brown bricks before getting into Buxton. We had Wibble with us as it was a hot day and l figured if we could find a pub with a beer garden and dog friendly we could sit outside.

Just on the very outskirts of Buxton on the A6 we found the Devonshire Arms. It is just off the main road on north road sitting on a small green. There was some outside seating and big umbrellas and a border collie running around, so l did not need to ask if they were dog friendly.

Mum had a prawn sarnie and l pigged out on cheesy baked spud and a portion of chips. I realise artery food but l just fancied it. The food was excellent. The chips were browned and crisp not yellow and soggy as so many are. Prawns and Baked spud had a fresh salad of tomato’s, cucumber, mixed peppers in sections not those ugly big slices that annoy me so much, when you try and cut them they wave about and fresh crisp lettuce leaves.
The cheese was piled high on my spud and prawns were thickly heaped on the sandwiches, but not so high that my mum struggled to eat them.
If that was the standard of meal for their basic dishes then their main courses must have been mouth watering. I almost wish l had had a steak.
They have accommodation there and l recon if anyone was looking for a break well worth looking at.

The border collie called Holly as it turns out was very sweet, well behaved and as most BC are hyper active. She did a quick hello to Wibble but Wibs was curled up in her bed and too hot to do much other than a hello back, which was no fun so Holly darted off.

After lunch we gave Wibble a quick walk around the green so she could have a sniff then we set off back, via a different route. I decided to go back via Macclesfield. It meant more of the Derbyshire dales and avoided most of bloody Manchester.

I had forgotten it also leads up the Snake Pass The Snake Pass runs for 15 miles between Buxton and Macclesfield. A mix of fast sweeping bends and tight hairpins, and lots of motorbikes, some of the riders really shouldn’t be up there they took rather stupid chances on overtakes and speed. On the summit is the Cat & Fiddle pub the second highest pub in the UK.
Oh and my mum was not feeling to good with the hairpin bends.

Anyway we got back in good time and got to the hospital for 19:00 visiting which of course means the doors do not open until 19:10.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


The bulldog had been restless so the owners let it out the back door it had taken 2 steps and keeled over dead. He came into us if the boss could have a quick look for any obvious reason if not he was to go for full autopsy.

Given that it was a bulldog it was cherry pick a reason and that would probably be why it died. The dog was put onto the tub table. (big sink with grid on) The boss opened the dog’s mouth and sure enough the reason it died was because it was a bulldog.

The owners had given the dog a chew. It was large and flat, he had chewed some then swallowed it. The chew had become stuck but because he was a bulldog and his normal breathing was so bloody awful they did not realise that he was choking. All it needed was a quick look in the mouth and pull out the item jamming his airway and he would have been eating dinner that night, not lying cold and stiff on a vets tub table.

Since then l am always wary of any pet chews:
I make sure they are on the larger size.
Once they get small enough for the whole chew to go into the mouth l sling them.
I never leave my dog/s alone with a chew.
I am also wary about how long they have them, because in things like rawhide the bacteria build up and can cause gastro enteritis.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dog Canine Tooth

The German Shepherd had been having a fight with his “tug a rope”, one end had been jammed and he got carried away. He came off worst as his canine tooth had done a 90deg turn and was sticking out sideways. The tooth had to come out.

Normally when we do dental's the teeth that come out are manky so l was pleased to be able to get a nice photo of a dog canine for once. I wanted to give an idea of the size and width of one and this is perfect. One dog’s loss was my gain as the saying goes

In photo 1 the first 3cms are buried in the gum like an iceberg. The slight rim of blood is where it erupts out into open air.

Photo 2 you can see the part that is buried in the gum showing a different colour, slightly creamier, from the tooth section that is normally seen, that is white and has a bit of tartar on. The widest part of the tooth is 1.5cm wide and is normally buried out of sight.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Motorways and Hospitals

Don't know if anyone heard the other day about the M6 at Haydock being closed. Well wopee guess who probably reported that first, in fact may well have been first to have a problem. I had just joined on the way back from work at Jct 23 l was overtaking when the car went down and up on the front, dragged sideways and sounded like something breaking underneath then it sort of lurched free and l managed to get it straight. What fun, pitch black, traffic belting past either side and chucking down with rain.

I got to the hard shoulder as fast as possible and checked the car for damage as well as l could in the dark and rain. That means kicked the tyres, sniffed for burning. Then rang the police to report something on the motorway. She had to ask me to speak up a couple of times. I muttered my teeth were shaking too hard for me to speak clearly. The upshot was they closed the lane off as it had a pothole in it.

On my dad is still in hospital. We have had special permission to visit in the mornings as l have been on 14:00-22:00 so mum and l visit in the mornings. Then from last night l am on 03:30 finish until Tuesday morning. Then l have Tuesday off yippee!

Have just been for a 9am appointment with the urology consultant who we got to see at 10am. Having said that l dozed in the day room while we were waiting.

This all stems from a fall my Dad had 3 weeks ago. He has since been on high strength co-codomol for pain. A & E x-ray said think nothing fractured, but the A & E Dr was going to get the x-rays referred as my dad has skeletal problems. We have we heard nothing though and he has been in constant pain.
He is 91 and has a lot of health issues. The co-codomol bunged him up solid on all fronts so to speak. Some nurses say he has been to the loo other say he hasn't.

Despite the confusion over certain points the general care standard overall has been good on this ward. Last year during his 2 stays we were not impressed with care, he was in 2 different wards as he had 2 different problems. He lost loads of weight and many other problems, l think they dreaded me going in. Sorry but l know what l expect care wise. That is as high as l give my patients.
On this ward he eats well, they do their best and he is happy with them all which he and all of us were not last year.

At least we have spoken to the consultant. The FY1 (first year) student spoke to us yesterday but has a lot to learn. He is to cocky confident. As l told him he is not in a position to say that ibuprophen they have put him on is suitable for my father and "he" can see no reason not to be on it, when every Dr and pharmacist has said no, not on his medication and with his conditions. As l pointed out he is not yet qualified to overrule an experienced pharmacist or other qualified Dr's.
The consultant is getting pharmacy to look into it. If it is the lesser of evil for pain relief as l said fine stay on it please but just make sure because no-one seems able to give a straight answer.

My dad is possibly to be discharged to a respite care home next week. They will assess his new needs, a lot more limited mobility, possible other care and we will get more carers in place to help my him and my mum.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Oh Hell -Sorry

Oh heavens l just rejected instead of published a load of comments. Many thanks for your good wishes for my Dad.
And CC we are the only people that get to muzzle police on a regular basis.

Ever so sorry folks as l hit reject l realised what l had done sitting here shaking my head in stupid disbelief. :-(

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hospitals and Nights.

Things have been a bit slow posting wise lately. I have just worked 6 nights so pretty sleepy. Then yesterday my dad was admitted to hospital. I have taken tonight off but am back on nights tomorrow until Sunday, Monday off (so far) then back on lates next week. Between that and hospital visits for the foreseeable future as we do not know when he will be discharged l am going to be pretty splattered over the next few days so l may be a bit slow with blogs.

Police Dog Antics

We had a police dog in with gastro enteritis. She was so sweet but that hid a neurotic interior. She stood for her drip just kept trying to give sloppy kiss licks to the nearest person but at least she did not try to eat us, she just wriggled a lot.
Then into her kennel which we figured as a walk in would be nice and big for her. After about 20 min. l went in to do some bits and pieces. She had pulled her drip out by walking in circles and it was twisted up on the floor. Stop work, rude comments used and a redrip. Continue other stats get to her and the bag has a huge hole in the kennel is soaking.

Very nasty language used, new bag on and drip stand placed outside the door and the line fed through gap.
20mins later and her drip stand is lying on the floor drip line pulled out. Calling all the gods to flame her and getting big doggie grin and sloppy kisses does not improve things. She could at least look contrite.
All back and working walk off and pretend to go out to see how she took out the drip stand. Under the door comes 2 paws and she bashes around at the wheels. I got the stand just as it went. I swear l heard her mutter “dammit caught” I glared at her muttering very dark thoughts, if she could just stop being so sweet that would help.

Bitter spray on bag and tied back onto her kennel door, inside and her eager grab rebuffed when she aimed for it left her spitting a horrid taste out of her mouth, l got on with work. Having decided she had taken up enough time. 30min. later the same aux that was with the BF situation marches out.
“Didn’t you hear me shouting for help?” she snapped
“Help, No what happened?”
“That stupid, neurotic bloody tit tried to climb into the other kennel l grabbed and pulled it back in but she was bloody heavy and flattened me, then tries to lick me all over the face!”
I didn’t need to ask who she meant. Quick council of war and we put the police dog into a normal large hospital kennel, put the former occupant in the walk in.

Screams and hysteria hit the dog room. There was no way she was being locked in a “tiny kennel” the whole kennel rattled as she hit the doors with paws and teeth and flung her body at the doors. Ignoring her for 5mins while she settled was not going to work. The worst behaved prisoner could have learnt lessons, or maybe she had from them… FFS back to a walk in.

Come 2am and l am doing the stats of the dog next door, a head appears over the top of the wall. Could almost hear the comment “ello there what’s up with him?” I bellowed in frustration and the head and body disappeared backwards with an apologetic scramble and crash as she toppled backwards and knocked the door.

Another council of war and we tie her to the table in prep so she is with us more, not locked in a kennel. Oh no that’s not good enough she does the table walk. Around and around and opps look l pulled my drip line out.
Yet another drip placed and the auxiliary sat, for about 2 hours, on the floor in prep area on a nice thick duvet. Almost hidden under a huge police dog snuggled up on her lap and snoring happily and mug of coffee to hand until she went home.
By then the patient had decided that she would behave. Well apart from the fact that as the aux. walked off the drip was chewed out. We called quits at that stage I left the drip out and she lay down and just moved her eyes around to watch whatever room l went into to make sure l came out again. Thankfully she went home that day.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Post Haste

I am part way through a set of 6 nights so not really functioning great, l really must try to say "No l am not going to do all these nights" trouble is l keep saying yes l will cover. Hey ho only me to blame. The joys of being self employed.

I have read about the following on the vet nurse site and thought l would put it up as a bit of a weird warning. I had never heard of it happening before:
Several dogs have had their mouths gummed for being mail chewers. As in delivered paper by hand post.
Apparently the glue on the envelope combined with slobbering and chewing the paper means that they formed a solid ball of paper mache in their mouths. They ended up at the vet's to have a heavy sedation and the mess dug out of their mouths. While in part a good chuckle it is also a warning because some mutt is going to get it jammed to far back and choke to death.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cats and Steering Wheels

We lived in Lanzerote for about 5months and quickly renamed it Lanzergrotte. We hated it. There was 2 days when there was no wind blasting over it. It was very flat, there was hardly any nice big trees. It was just… grotty.

One morning we were heading into work when l saw a cat injured and alive by the side of the road. Hub slammed on the brakes as l bellowed. I jumped out as did he but moaning at me for scaring the pants off him, should have been more observant then not my fault. The cat scooted into the high grass. We tramped all over, nothing so had to give up.

At work hub stopped and went a bit pale and said “oh no l wonder……”
He undid the engine and there was the cat balanced on it. I managed to grab it and hauled it into the car it was not in a good way. When we hunted it he must have darted back and climbed up under the van.

We went in to tell them that we had to find a vet to take the cat to so it could be put down. Our South American helper gave us advice on where to find the English semi retired vet. l rang her and warned he we were on the way in and we went back to the van. Only the cat had disappeared. This did not make sense as it was firmly locked in.

Hub stood outside and turned the air blue with his mental thoughts, he refuses to swear aloud if people are around. When we met he would apologise to me if he even said buggar, he has moved on since then, he doesn’t apologise to me but still won’t swear in company. I am the one that can and does out cuss a trooper. I saw a tail hanging out of the dashboard. Oh well at least l found it.

Enter the toolbox and stressed husband. The more hub took the front of the van apart the higher it climbed and it finally became obvious that it was not coming out conscious. Hub put the dashboard and steering wheel back as best he could so that he was able to drive (just) and we set off.
This was Lanzergrotte and not UK so we had a roadworthy vehicle. I mean the steering wheel was solid even if everything else was hanging apart what more was needed?

Finally about 4 hours from finding the cat arrived at the vets. The vet was semi disabled took one look and declared no chance. She couldn’t bend her body to even see it properly, and agreed it was not coming out alive. She gave me the pentobarb and asked me to inject it as best as l could. I managed into the abdomen.
It is an area used if needed and is just a very slow way of introducing the medication. It doesn’t hurt and given the state of the cat was the only option. After about 30minutes the cat was dead as the drug had worked it’s way slowly through the cats system. We managed to pull it out even then there was a lot of bending and tugging. The pelvis, which 99.9% of the time in cats involved in RTA’s was fractured, in this cat was in bits. At least it was now out of it’s pain.

The horrific thing was that until the vet had arrived on the island in the mid 80’s any animals that needed putting down they injected strychnine into it, refusing to believe anything else worked. The vet was so horrified and upset she started to treat animals despite being disabled and in a lot of pain all the time.

Monday, 11 May 2009

My Favourite Things.

This was just sent to me, it just fits how l feel at times to a T:

To commemorate her 69th birthday, actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan 's Radio City Music Hall for the benefit of the AARP. One of the musical numbers she performed was 'My Favourite Things' from the legendary movie 'Sound Of Music'. Here are the lyrics she used:

Botox and nose drops and needles for knitting,
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings,
Bundles of magazines tied up in string,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Cadillacs and cataracts, hearing aids and glasses,
Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses,
Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the pipes leak, When the bones creak,
When the knees go bad,
I simply remember my favourite things,
And then I don't feel so bad.

Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions,
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions,
Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring,
These are a few of my favourite things.

Back pain, confused brains and no need for sinnin',
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin',
And we won't mention our short shrunken frames,
When we remember our favourite things.

When the joints ache, When the hips break,
When the eyes grow dim,
Then I remember the great life I've had,
And then I don't feel so bad.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

BF Update

BF went to the rescue centre yesterday. She was kept in iso during her whole stay at the vet's because the door there is kept shut. She kept escaping once she discovered she could do it so easily and if not in her bed was always to be found in the cupboard under the sink.
Apparently she was ok to grab in the end, probably because she realised how easy it was for her to escape.....again!

Friday, 8 May 2009


Ok l am going to rant l have been driven to it by my husband AND the brit public. If you think you may get upset don't read this and DON'T lecture me.

It is ok to have your eyebrows, ears, tongue, lips, cheeks, nipples, bellybutton and d**k pierced.

It is ok to wear clothes that are torn all over = fashion

It is ok to have a tiny little skirt or dress and a thong no matter how ugly you are.

It is ok to have a vast expanse of flesh rolling out over a skimpy skirt, or if male bulging out all over. (actually women do as well)

It is ok to wear a top that if you hicup your breasts fall out and hang.

It is ok to not shave or to half shave so you look scruffy= fashion stubble.

It is ok to wear ridiculous thin high heels acknowledged to damage your feet, ditto for higher broader shoes.

It is ok to wear all the above in mid winter and look even more stupid.

I choose to look respectable, wear comfortable clothes. And the fact that l choose NOT to wear shoes because my feet are comfortable without, because it is a proven fact that feet that grew without shoes strangling them have a very bad time adjusting to shoes.

And l am looked at like l am the ape man cometh, l get stupid comments from people, l get angry looks and sighs (from hub) l get people making erroneous comments on health and safety.

Look l know my risks l know because l have rough areas in my feet where thorns and bits of whatever l haven't dug out over the years poke through the skin every so often. Such is life.

I have pretty tough rhino hide on my feet and mainly have a foot problem if it is cold and my feet are cold (underneath on the sole) or l am very tired, not sure why but that is when l have problems walking on sharp stones i.e. gravel.

I have nearly 47 odd years of being barefoot much of that time l THINK l have some idea of what may or may not be a problem. So back off and do not try and dictate to me because my patience is at an end and now l am getting nasty over it.
This explosion was the result of the mobile library staff asking me to wear shoes in future in the van.

The major accidents l have had with my feet have always been with shoes. Other than always slipping on slidey floors because all shoes slide. The last major accident was back in Tenerife when l stood on a nail that went through my shoe sole, my foot and up through the top of my foot and stuck smiling out the top of my shoes, l had to slowly pull the whole lot out and that was all because l had shoes on. A story l will post someday.

Right rant over.

Monday, 4 May 2009


We have had a stray ferret in for about 5 days now. She has an eye infection so is down in isolation in that time she has been very well behaved.
This was l discovered because she has been plotting on a scale that in WW2 would have earned her a place of honour at Colditz.

I went down to iso to do the 4am obs on the stray (dog) with haemorrhagic gastro enteritis (HGE/The bloody shits). As l was bending over l felt eyes on me. I stopped stood up and looked round, nothing. As l turned back a little shadow moved. I went out the walk in and there is the Bloody Ferret (BF) looking at me. Before l could do anything she legged it into the kennel to see the dog.
Swearing at her for her behaviour and myself for obviously not shutting her kennel door at 2am when l sorted her water (as it turned out l was not the culprit) I tried to grab her but she shot out and went under the sink unit. I had my mobile on me so rang the auxiliary for reinforcements. We decided to move BF from the small kennel to the big one so she could have more toys. I assumed it was boredom and an open door had enticed her out.

The aux. stood guard as every time we relaxed she shot in to visit the dog, not sure why we bothered actually, l mean how long had she spent in there with him before l found her? The dog did not seem to mind and she found him fascinating.
Finally new kennel prepared we made several not to successful attempts to grab her. If you opened the kennel you could hold and cuddle her, if we wanted her now she got her teeth ready.

The aux. then had an idea and laid a bicci trail to the new kennel and BF followed it in. Great, except that as she turned round to have a laugh about fooling the bloody animal she forgot to shut the door… so BF shot out again, spare biscuit in mouth, why waste food was her motto.
Back to plan B and more bribery. After another 10minutes and greed won out, only this time as she went in, the door was slammed on her. Lights out and we went back to the other side of the building.

About 20minutes later we had a quick 5 minutes sit down to unwind. I glanced at the CCTV and this shadow sort of undulated across the iso. monitor. My jaw dropped the BFF (work out the middle F) I grabbed the auxiliary’s arm and dragger her up, saying “BFF is out”
She had been about to take a bite of her own biscuit, there was a crack as her teeth met with nothing between, ooops a bit hasty there, made mental note that next time will let her bite her bicci first. “How do you know it is out” she asked as we headed into iso. I told her and she was a bit upset she hadn’t seen it. Made second mental note let her see the ….? then drag her off post bicci bite.

Round 2:
BF was sitting on the sink, bowls in the water and the sink top in disarray. She spied us and dropped onto the floor and under the sink. The door was firmly shut on her kennel. Ok so first look for something other than the kennel to put her into. I had no luck, often we have large parrot cages but of course, not when we need one. So escape proof the kennel. I put the kennel divider sideways so that it totally blocked one door and taped it solid. The aux found some tiles and made a barrier along the bottom of the unprotected door and we got towels ready to stuff into the door.

Beady little eyes stared at us around the corner from the dogs kennel, would you get out of there you stupid animal (the polite version of the wording used), but we had given up on chasing her out of the walk in.
Start of the chase and this time BF ran across to the far set of kennels and under them. I chased her out with a broom handle and I tried to reach over and get a hand on her. She was so fast my hand hit her back and by the time my brain closed my fingers, all l got was fresh air, as she whizzed back to the sink.
There was a scrabbling noise as she climbed between the wall and the sink top. The aux and l started at each other. I opened the cupboard door, no BF but more noise and l wish l could have got my camera out in time. This head hung down from under the sink as she dripped through some hole from higher up. I did not want to grab her in case she panicked and hurt herself on anything sharp, so waited till she was in the cupboard. I made a move to get her but she was back up out the hole by the time my hand was half way in.
She then clambered onto lowest shelf of the trolley sliding over from between wall and sink unit so we couldn’t reach in for her.

Ferret biscuits were not good enough now so l grabbed a tin of id (food for dogs with poorly tummies.) that was on the side and stuck a bit onto a fork to bribe her out.
BF was a greedy little soul and l was not risking fingers. Sure enough she quick silvered out, grabbed the chunk and ran back. I then knelt in wait with a towel while the aux. muttering “Here you are you sweet little s**t come on… OHHH YOU” as yet another chunk was grabbed before we could make a move. Finally after a good deal of bait l got lucky and flattened BF under the towel as she made her grab and had her firmly around her tummy. Into the kennel, door slammed and all BF anti escape set in motion.

BF spared a look of what l thought was disgust at us and stalked off to bed, little sod even burped once. We really should have known better. It was not disgust it was pity, pity that we could be so naiveté to think that she could be kept in anywhere.

6:25am and the aux who had stayed late was just going and l was heading to iso to do my 6am stats. A little head peeked at me from under the kennel. I stepped back to the main kennels bellowed down to the vet who was hanging around after seeing a client could he listen for the phone. The aux. hating to be beaten by BF joined me.

Round 3 was a rehash of round l and 2 except she was not going to be bribed so easily. She now went between the sink unit and the wall by her kennel. A space of about 3 inches wide, the kennel was on breeze blocks and we couldn’t pull it out so l had to try and chase her out with a broom handle. But of course l couldn’t use it easily as the gap was so tight the broom head made handling difficult, as it required the whole of the handle pushed in to get to her and the head wouldn’t get near the gap.
She made use of cover that an SAS would envy and we spent another 15 minutes of bribery, crawling around on all fours and using language that is frowned on. We stopped for a few minutes knee rest. She was getting tired so she climbed into her kennel and lay on her bed. The aux and l leapt up and slammed the door snarling at the innocent little sod.

We escape proofed(ish) the kennel (again) I had double taped the tiles so she couldn’t push them out the way. We pushed towels into the bigger gaps, as hard as we could jam it. I put surgical tape on wider door areas, sticky side in so she would stick her whiskers and back off. It was 6:55 and l was due off duty at 8am.

I warned the day shift about her antics and when l left she was fast asleep curled up after a good nights exercise and now due for a longer stay in iso before sending her on to ferret rescue to ensure she does not get HGE off the dog. Although l doubt she will and as of Monday morning was doing fine and had chosen not to escape again, she is plotting though l am sure.

Just as well l tided up for you humans.


BF beady eye shinning at us between the wall and side of the kennel during round 3

God you lot are noisy... BF looking innocent, at end of round 3.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Roe Deer RTA

I am on a set of nights. Actually so far it has been pleasantly easy, unlike my last several sets of nights. However that can change with the weather.

Friday morning brought a new police call out a deer (size unknown) had been hit by a car, could we attend. I rang the driver. He arrived back about 6:30 with a roe deer in the travel cage in his estate car and parked inside the building. This was lucky as normally the van would park outside.

I helped him start to lift it out when it woke up fully. Although roe deer are not large when you factor in the fact it was scared silly and fight or flight was in full flow and it had a double branched antler so was fully adult and not a baby it was a handful.
While the driver was trying to stop it hurtling off and hitting a wall or us l tried to wrap the towel tight around it’s eyes while holding hard down on the antlers which were long and had a double spike, to try and stop them slashing upwards into the driver who was bent over, trying to control it and myself trying to keep a hold of the towel so l could wrap it. After a short hard struggle it gave up and stood still the towel nicely blocking sight.

“Iso” l said and he agreed. Isolation was in the same area as the car so easier than anywhere else. We dragged and pushed it to iso and had just got in when it went off again.
I had the horns but we also had a slippery floor that was wet to contend with. We all started to slide downwards. I jammed my foot into the drain hole as l did not want the deer to stick a leg into it. And that seemed to slow us down. I saw the drivers head snap back and thought l heard a hollow “pock” noise so l pushed harder down on the antlers. Again after a few minutes we got control shoved the deer into the walk in and l looked at the driver.

He was holding his nose and wiping blood off it. An antler had slammed into the bridge of his nose, another mm and it would have been in his eye. Thankfully he just had a nasty bruise on the way. It was also lucky the car was parked inside Had we been outside and the deer got away from us it would have been a danger to traffic as well as being confused and lost. Having said that trying to catch it in the building would not have been fun, assuming it had not slammed into a wall and killed itself.

The deer had a sore head from meeting the car but there was no obvious damage. Well apart from the cut on the drivers face and scrapes on the deer’s head and it was released later in the day where he was found.

A relaxed Roe Deer, defiantly not our one.