Friday, 8 May 2009


Ok l am going to rant l have been driven to it by my husband AND the brit public. If you think you may get upset don't read this and DON'T lecture me.

It is ok to have your eyebrows, ears, tongue, lips, cheeks, nipples, bellybutton and d**k pierced.

It is ok to wear clothes that are torn all over = fashion

It is ok to have a tiny little skirt or dress and a thong no matter how ugly you are.

It is ok to have a vast expanse of flesh rolling out over a skimpy skirt, or if male bulging out all over. (actually women do as well)

It is ok to wear a top that if you hicup your breasts fall out and hang.

It is ok to not shave or to half shave so you look scruffy= fashion stubble.

It is ok to wear ridiculous thin high heels acknowledged to damage your feet, ditto for higher broader shoes.

It is ok to wear all the above in mid winter and look even more stupid.

I choose to look respectable, wear comfortable clothes. And the fact that l choose NOT to wear shoes because my feet are comfortable without, because it is a proven fact that feet that grew without shoes strangling them have a very bad time adjusting to shoes.

And l am looked at like l am the ape man cometh, l get stupid comments from people, l get angry looks and sighs (from hub) l get people making erroneous comments on health and safety.

Look l know my risks l know because l have rough areas in my feet where thorns and bits of whatever l haven't dug out over the years poke through the skin every so often. Such is life.

I have pretty tough rhino hide on my feet and mainly have a foot problem if it is cold and my feet are cold (underneath on the sole) or l am very tired, not sure why but that is when l have problems walking on sharp stones i.e. gravel.

I have nearly 47 odd years of being barefoot much of that time l THINK l have some idea of what may or may not be a problem. So back off and do not try and dictate to me because my patience is at an end and now l am getting nasty over it.
This explosion was the result of the mobile library staff asking me to wear shoes in future in the van.

The major accidents l have had with my feet have always been with shoes. Other than always slipping on slidey floors because all shoes slide. The last major accident was back in Tenerife when l stood on a nail that went through my shoe sole, my foot and up through the top of my foot and stuck smiling out the top of my shoes, l had to slowly pull the whole lot out and that was all because l had shoes on. A story l will post someday.

Right rant over.


Compostwoman said...

As someone who only wears shoes when "outside" my land...or on my land when safety dictates it is a good idea (wellies in shitty mud, safety boots when felling trees etc..)

I agree with your rant to a large degree!

I have large, square feet and I am damned if I will squeeze them into the silly shapes of even "comfy" shoes, as it hurts me to do so....WTF should I hurt my feet for someone elses idea of propriety?

Noddy said...

It was bare feet for me out in the tropics when I was wee, but my tootsies need a little pampering up in these chilly parts!

Oh, and did I mention the bio-hazard that is teenager's trainers! :)

Dave the Dog said...

Council Elf & Safety eh!

Vetnurse said...

No have to say l don't mind shitty mud it washes off easily enough. And am careful around horses when not wearing shoes. One of the girls had a couple of toe's stamped off by her horse when l was growing up. It wasn't personal he stamped to get rid of a horsefly or something just her foot was where3 his landed.

I have found the comfiest shoes are crocs well l can not afford them at their price but the cheapie copies on the market are comfy and l have found that is now pretty much if l have to wear shoes all l wear.

I have some woolly boots if it is really cold and a pair of fancy sandals and a pair of shoes that's it for the shoe department.

Shoes have to be flat as l have a dodgy tendon that collapses on me if l have any heel on a shoe, with the consequence that l go flying face down.

The last 2 [sandals/fancy flats] are some place around the house just not sure where but as l never use them l do not suppose it matters.

Never mind bio-hazard teenagers shoes should see the trainers l have tried over the years, hazardous clinical waste refused them they were so bad. Told you my feet hate shoes!.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

You tell 'em sister! :)

Vetnurse said...


TonyF said...

Makes sense to me, High heels? Why?

Today in town there was a girl whom would have been quite pretty. However, with all the junk stuck in her face...? Why?

Vetnurse said...

Pass on both those Tony. I am a fashion designers nightmare l do not wear make-up because a) to much hassle and b) l tend to come out in allergic reactions but not always at once, so l refuse to waste money on something there is a good chance will bring me out in a rash at some point.