Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Police Dog Antics

We had a police dog in with gastro enteritis. She was so sweet but that hid a neurotic interior. She stood for her drip just kept trying to give sloppy kiss licks to the nearest person but at least she did not try to eat us, she just wriggled a lot.
Then into her kennel which we figured as a walk in would be nice and big for her. After about 20 min. l went in to do some bits and pieces. She had pulled her drip out by walking in circles and it was twisted up on the floor. Stop work, rude comments used and a redrip. Continue other stats get to her and the bag has a huge hole in the kennel is soaking.

Very nasty language used, new bag on and drip stand placed outside the door and the line fed through gap.
20mins later and her drip stand is lying on the floor drip line pulled out. Calling all the gods to flame her and getting big doggie grin and sloppy kisses does not improve things. She could at least look contrite.
All back and working walk off and pretend to go out to see how she took out the drip stand. Under the door comes 2 paws and she bashes around at the wheels. I got the stand just as it went. I swear l heard her mutter “dammit caught” I glared at her muttering very dark thoughts, if she could just stop being so sweet that would help.

Bitter spray on bag and tied back onto her kennel door, inside and her eager grab rebuffed when she aimed for it left her spitting a horrid taste out of her mouth, l got on with work. Having decided she had taken up enough time. 30min. later the same aux that was with the BF situation marches out.
“Didn’t you hear me shouting for help?” she snapped
“Help, No what happened?”
“That stupid, neurotic bloody tit tried to climb into the other kennel l grabbed and pulled it back in but she was bloody heavy and flattened me, then tries to lick me all over the face!”
I didn’t need to ask who she meant. Quick council of war and we put the police dog into a normal large hospital kennel, put the former occupant in the walk in.

Screams and hysteria hit the dog room. There was no way she was being locked in a “tiny kennel” the whole kennel rattled as she hit the doors with paws and teeth and flung her body at the doors. Ignoring her for 5mins while she settled was not going to work. The worst behaved prisoner could have learnt lessons, or maybe she had from them… FFS back to a walk in.

Come 2am and l am doing the stats of the dog next door, a head appears over the top of the wall. Could almost hear the comment “ello there what’s up with him?” I bellowed in frustration and the head and body disappeared backwards with an apologetic scramble and crash as she toppled backwards and knocked the door.

Another council of war and we tie her to the table in prep so she is with us more, not locked in a kennel. Oh no that’s not good enough she does the table walk. Around and around and opps look l pulled my drip line out.
Yet another drip placed and the auxiliary sat, for about 2 hours, on the floor in prep area on a nice thick duvet. Almost hidden under a huge police dog snuggled up on her lap and snoring happily and mug of coffee to hand until she went home.
By then the patient had decided that she would behave. Well apart from the fact that as the aux. walked off the drip was chewed out. We called quits at that stage I left the drip out and she lay down and just moved her eyes around to watch whatever room l went into to make sure l came out again. Thankfully she went home that day.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I can just visualise the satisfied grin on her face as she finally got her way!

Vetnurse said...

Yes she was rather smug.

Vetnurse said...

I am guessing she slept snuggled on/in the bed not in police supplied the supplied kennel dog for the use of.

Vetnurse said...

CC want to bet. We are the only people that regularly muzzle police officers!