Friday, 15 May 2009

Post Haste

I am part way through a set of 6 nights so not really functioning great, l really must try to say "No l am not going to do all these nights" trouble is l keep saying yes l will cover. Hey ho only me to blame. The joys of being self employed.

I have read about the following on the vet nurse site and thought l would put it up as a bit of a weird warning. I had never heard of it happening before:
Several dogs have had their mouths gummed for being mail chewers. As in delivered paper by hand post.
Apparently the glue on the envelope combined with slobbering and chewing the paper means that they formed a solid ball of paper mache in their mouths. They ended up at the vet's to have a heavy sedation and the mess dug out of their mouths. While in part a good chuckle it is also a warning because some mutt is going to get it jammed to far back and choke to death.

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