Saturday, 23 May 2009

Motorways and Hospitals

Don't know if anyone heard the other day about the M6 at Haydock being closed. Well wopee guess who probably reported that first, in fact may well have been first to have a problem. I had just joined on the way back from work at Jct 23 l was overtaking when the car went down and up on the front, dragged sideways and sounded like something breaking underneath then it sort of lurched free and l managed to get it straight. What fun, pitch black, traffic belting past either side and chucking down with rain.

I got to the hard shoulder as fast as possible and checked the car for damage as well as l could in the dark and rain. That means kicked the tyres, sniffed for burning. Then rang the police to report something on the motorway. She had to ask me to speak up a couple of times. I muttered my teeth were shaking too hard for me to speak clearly. The upshot was they closed the lane off as it had a pothole in it.

On my dad is still in hospital. We have had special permission to visit in the mornings as l have been on 14:00-22:00 so mum and l visit in the mornings. Then from last night l am on 03:30 finish until Tuesday morning. Then l have Tuesday off yippee!

Have just been for a 9am appointment with the urology consultant who we got to see at 10am. Having said that l dozed in the day room while we were waiting.

This all stems from a fall my Dad had 3 weeks ago. He has since been on high strength co-codomol for pain. A & E x-ray said think nothing fractured, but the A & E Dr was going to get the x-rays referred as my dad has skeletal problems. We have we heard nothing though and he has been in constant pain.
He is 91 and has a lot of health issues. The co-codomol bunged him up solid on all fronts so to speak. Some nurses say he has been to the loo other say he hasn't.

Despite the confusion over certain points the general care standard overall has been good on this ward. Last year during his 2 stays we were not impressed with care, he was in 2 different wards as he had 2 different problems. He lost loads of weight and many other problems, l think they dreaded me going in. Sorry but l know what l expect care wise. That is as high as l give my patients.
On this ward he eats well, they do their best and he is happy with them all which he and all of us were not last year.

At least we have spoken to the consultant. The FY1 (first year) student spoke to us yesterday but has a lot to learn. He is to cocky confident. As l told him he is not in a position to say that ibuprophen they have put him on is suitable for my father and "he" can see no reason not to be on it, when every Dr and pharmacist has said no, not on his medication and with his conditions. As l pointed out he is not yet qualified to overrule an experienced pharmacist or other qualified Dr's.
The consultant is getting pharmacy to look into it. If it is the lesser of evil for pain relief as l said fine stay on it please but just make sure because no-one seems able to give a straight answer.

My dad is possibly to be discharged to a respite care home next week. They will assess his new needs, a lot more limited mobility, possible other care and we will get more carers in place to help my him and my mum.


Dave the Dog said...

Woo, sounds like a heart stopper.
Hope your Dad recovers hon.
I know what you mean about standards of care. I was in our local Hospital about 3 years ago. Severe Liver infection. Rigors such that I had difficulty in breathing at times. IV antibiotics for a week. Didn't eat for a week. No one checked food or liquid intake. I lost two stone.
Patient opposite me was a 90yr+ ex GP with Dementia,liver failure & dehydrated. He kept trying to wander & pull his IV out. I kept trying to control him & push call button. (Drip tube birds nests wasn't in it!) I had a standup row with Senior Nurse who accused me of wasting her time. Aargh. Was I glad to get home. Take care and hope things settle down soon.

Roses said...

Sorry it's been so long since I popped by.

I will cross my fingers for your dad and your family. Hopefully, he will soon be out and will return to good health again

JuliaM said...

Christ, that's scary! How can a pothole of that size be allowed to develop on a motorway, of all things...?

Hogday said...

Another story that reaffirms my belief that hospitals are scary and motorways are one of the most dangerous places I have ever policed.

Sincere best wishes to you and yours Vetnurse.

Vetnurse said...

Thanks folks. Life is a bit upside down l do feel bad not blogging but am hoping that as tonight is my last 17:30-03:30 l have tomorrow off then am just on lates for 2 days then some off so l can get some sense and blogs back in my life.

Well it is a bank holiday so he has to spend 3 days in bed as no physios on and nurses are not allowed to help him up.

Paul said...

Hope your Dad gets the treatment he so needs, there's far too much incompetence when it comes to our Senior Citizens . Keep well yourself, I'll catch you in work no doubt!
"Pot Holes" I attract them!

Vetnurse said...

Hey Paul welcome and were you able to get that owlet over to the sanctuary this morning?. I have been worrying about it.