Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dog Canine Tooth

The German Shepherd had been having a fight with his “tug a rope”, one end had been jammed and he got carried away. He came off worst as his canine tooth had done a 90deg turn and was sticking out sideways. The tooth had to come out.

Normally when we do dental's the teeth that come out are manky so l was pleased to be able to get a nice photo of a dog canine for once. I wanted to give an idea of the size and width of one and this is perfect. One dog’s loss was my gain as the saying goes

In photo 1 the first 3cms are buried in the gum like an iceberg. The slight rim of blood is where it erupts out into open air.

Photo 2 you can see the part that is buried in the gum showing a different colour, slightly creamier, from the tooth section that is normally seen, that is white and has a bit of tartar on. The widest part of the tooth is 1.5cm wide and is normally buried out of sight.


Hogday said...

So THAT's how a GSD was capable of eating its way through a wardrobe I was hiding in during a firearms exercise. I can hear the handler now, "Don't move Hogday and for christs sake hide your gun - he hates guns". Thinks: `Now he tells me` as fangs appear through the door.

Vetnurse said...

Oh wonderful! nothing like a good pre-warning :-))

Constable Confused.com said...

I have a bruise on my bum from Tuesday night where I handcuffed a prisoner the GSD had detained. The handler assured me it was safe and he had the dog on it's leash and under control. He obviously didn't! Luckily no blood and just a little "bum shuffle" when I sit down to ease the discomfort.

Bloody furry missiles, wouldn't be without them though!


Vetnurse said...

oww! CC that's one sore arse.
We seem to have seen quite a few furry missiles lately.

Hogday said...

LoL@ CC.c. They usually save arses though, bless `em!