Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evil Antepsin

I seem to be a bit of a liability to things lately. A couple of days ago l had to give 5ml of Antepsin to a bulldog. I bent down to squirt it in his mouth l wasn’t holding him tight enough as he was a softy. He was panting a lot and moved his head with a jerk as he felt the syringe caused the Antepsin to do a graceful arc through his open mouth and hit the kennel wall. Antepsin is a thick white liquid.

Cussing l got a new syringe. As there was not enough Antepsin in the bottle for the syringe to reach and tipping was out due to bottle shape v syringe length l put the Antepsin bottle lid upside down on the counter and poured the liquid into that, except l coughed this caused me to over pour and Antepsin poured over the sides.

I “yiked” and jumped and my other hand caught a half mug of tea that l knocked over. This spilled into the lower draw that was open. I grabbed some blue roll and started to mop one of the nurses came to give me a hand. I kicked the draw shut, out of sight out of mind. It is sort of a junk draw and needs a good scrub sometime when l am in the mood and not busy.

I went to clean the spilled Antepsin and bottle cap up. More blue roll and a grab to clean spill and lift cap l knocked the full cap onto the floor which threw it’s contents over the floor.

Bending with a snarl l cleaned that as well and lifted the lid, wiped it and put it back on the bottle, stood up and dropped the bottle as l tightened the lid. Luckily my foot managed to break the bottles fall and l didn’t break it.

I placed the bottle into draw and pushed syringe into other nurses hand told her to do the bulldog as l was not going near the evil Antepsin for at least 24hours. I went back to clean the kennel wall and the auxiliary had thankfully got that for me.

That does not count the random bucket of mop water l tripped over, or the fallen over broom l didn’t see till l went sprawling.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Neonate Puppy

Had an unusual case last night. I went over to hold a neonate puppy that the vet had placed on oxygen. She muttered something about heat bag and auxiliary which l translated as one was coming.

When the beanie arrived l popped the semi comatose pup onto it. After a few minutes he started to make l feel a lot more alive movements (his legs moved). It was obvious he was very poorly but with his slight improvement he stood a chance of being a "goer". He had been hand fed since birth as he had been very weak and his chest did not sound good.

The vet came back and l updated her on the slight improvement in movement.. ie not totally flat but moving legs. While she was standing there l decided to take the pups temperature and see what it was as he had been on the heat beanie for a few minutes. I was chatting and realised l couldn't insert the thermometer, my heart sunk.
The vet saw my face and looked down, the same expression forming. She pulled out a catheter and had a gentle prod around but it was obvious there was no anus. It was covered by a membrane if it was there at all. It explained the collapsed puppy. Food in for 3 days nothing out but urine.

She went to speak to the owner who asked for a quote to repair it. One of the certificate holder vets was just on the phone so we waited for him to decide. He had a look and made a few comments but given the age and state of the puppy the decision was there was no chance.

While the owners signed the paperwork in the consult room, l anaesthetised him deeply so that he would not feel the needle when he was injected.

All puppies and kittens we deliver by caesarian or born naturally at the surgery are checked for cleft pallets and to see that they have an anus. This was a home birth and obviously the owners did not realise. In all my time nursing l have not seen a puppy or kitten without an anus. Cleft pallets are fairly common though.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lead Trouble

One of the techniques taught by behaviourists for dogs that are not under control is to put a long lead on them. Then you have something to grab a hold of but not the dog which when you touch them is a form of reward.

Some dogs have a long lead left on when their owners go out so when they come back they can grab the lead as the dog hurtles out the door and/or grab the lead to get the dog under control.

This seemed like a good idea, however after seeing what happened to a dog that had a long lead on l am now weary and always warn owners to be extra careful if they are not there to keep an eye on the dog.

In this case the lead had wrapped around the dog. From the outside the dog’s prepuce looked normal, this wasn’t the case though. When the dog was under GA and the penis was extruded by the vet it caused a sharp intake of breath and an immediate crossing of legs and wince from the male vet. The penis had been almost cut in half and there was just a thread holding it together. Luckily for the dog the urethra was undamaged or things would have got very complicated but it all healed well.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Re-evaluate Relationships

At times it helps to re-evaluate relationships so here are 3 re-evaluations l have been involved in lately:


The other night the vet who l had always thought was a friend said.
“You know if you are still coughing as badly tomorrow night l am going to give you a jab of Convenia (long term antibiotic)”

“Ohh will it help me stop coughing and sort me out”

“Nope it give me a chance to hurt you as much as your coughing has hurt my ears”

WHHHHaaaaa and here is me thinking he is a friend. I aimed a kick at a tender part of his anatomy but he was ready and jumped back.

“What’s up” was his reply “l could have said l would use stingulox (Synulox) on a daily basis”…at this point he ran up the passage while l plotted revenge.


Dealing with a 50kg English Bull Mastiff who was lying in the walk in kennel on her doubled over duvet. She was to comfy to stand up and pulling just got her snuggling down harder so l was lying down trying to listen to her heart with my scope. Forget feeling pulses she was to fat.

As l was counting the beats a deep rumbling growl started in her belly and rose up her chest. I lifted my eyes slowly to her face which was lifting a lip up some very very big teeth, well they looked big when l was lying on the floor. My brain worked at 900miles an hour to work out how to grab her mouth shut, pin her down and get out of the deep pile of dodo l was in.

Thankfully she was staring intently at the door crack and a dog that was being walked past the door and not looking at me. I slowly moved my hand to her neck to push down and moved back. Once the dog passed out of her sight she settled down and went back to being a softy.

My heart took some time to settle back into something resembling calm and collected.


I am not a shar-pei person, placing them with a lot of breeds that should not be allowed. Leaving aside temperament (awful) they are a walking health hazard and l object to animals being bred with health problems that cause them a life of pain because people ‘like’ the breed. If they liked it they wouldn’t allow it to be bred with the problems it has.

However we have had a young one about 5months old in at work. She is very sweet. Not enough for me to like the breed overall but enough that she is getting to be a pest if l walk past and do not stop to give her a cuddle every time.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Life's Ripples

I thought it about time l return to bloger land. Update everyone about things and get reading all the blogs l enjoy but have let lapse over the last 2 or 3 months.

My dad’s funeral was on Friday and l have to say the funeral home made it go very smoothly and have been excellent. It turns out they have a tie in to the co-op group. We get free legal aid but when the legal department rang me l had done all that was needed so far. A big relief l now know l have done the correct things just a few jobs left l asked about but those were also confirmed as right. Thank fully because all was in joint names l do not need probate, that was so far my biggest worry.

It was nice to see the family and some of their youngsters who l haven’t seen for years. Boy the small “kids” have grown!.
I gave a eulogy at the funeral and managed to hold it together although l nearly broke down a couple of times. Thankfully there was a mic there I have yet another bad cough and lost/husky voice, a flare up of my before xmas problem.

2 Days after my dad passed another special friend Adrian died. It was to be his 65th birthday on the Saturday and he was a very special person. He had a massive heart attack. Speaking to his wife he also had a horrendous time in hospital. I am not sure if she will take or further.

I have had a letter back from the hospital in sympathy for my dads passing and if l prefer to have the complaints results in writing they understand. If l want a meeting with some deputy head of nursing let them know. I want the meeting and have told them l will let them have some dates.

Work was hard going during January and February l was on the 22-08 shift while a new nurse was found and employed. I was only getting 2 to 3 hours sleep day or night l think through stress. That let this blasted cough hammer me again. I have been doing 13:-23 shifts last week, problem was l did not have a meal all week just a sandwich and bag of crisps each night instead which didn’t help my on board reserves so am feeling even more drained.
I am doing nights this weekend and then a week off and then 13:-23 shifts for the foreseeable future while another new nurse is found. The present one is off to the “dark side” as we call nhs nursing.

It has been a mixed bag at work. The normal amount of dangerous dogs spending the night before going off to kennels, some very sweet others totally evil. The usual misconception that big is nasty and breed specific, when all too often the small and/or other breeds can be just as bad.
The government are on in lala land trying to make everyone have insurance for their dogs. Get the animals, neutered, get trained dogs AND owners and then worry about insurance.

Problems come in batches and we seem to have had lots of epileptic dogs in the last couple of weeks. Before that we have had the diabetic animal batch. And as always the RTA cats come in. Petplan estimated that a cat was hit in the UK by a car every 2minutes. Judging by the amount we have in via one small corner of UK that may not be a high enough figure.

Nearly got myself clawed badly by a cat on Thursday, l was holding for the heart referral specialist to scan. The cat came out of his sedation unbeknown to us as the lights were off…ok and we were chatting which was interesting as both of us have bad coughs and throats. All was well until l stretched my one arm in the air, the arm that had not even been holding the blasted cat.
The cat decided to go nuts on a ketamine bender. I managed to pin it so that MH could get more sedation in it’s iv catheter before the cat ate us both. Of course this happened 5 minutes before we finished so the cat slept another 40 mins more than it needed to had it just stayed relaxed.
Cat’s own fault he had to wait an extra couple of hours for his chicken. Something he loves and was already angry at having missed a couple of good meals of during the day as we k new he would be sedated.

I organised the night staff “post xmas” bash, after a complaint was put in that turning down night staff for a 4.99/head xmas meal was tight to say the least considering it is a dedicated night staff who only work unsocial hours a change of heart was had. As l live down the road from the pub l said l would do it. Was not to bad 16 managed to arrange to come. The one that h/o cancelled before xmas had 21 but a couple of staff had left and others were unable to come for various reasons.

I have worked at a couple of other “normal” day vets which has been nice, seeing life during the day, doing nurse clinics and home sensible hours. Having said that l still enjoy the locum work and do not want to go back to set shifts, asking for time off and the general dog eat dog work of a set routine. No matter how much l may moan about work.

I went mad and bought 14 books off Amazon ¾ of a series of books l have been reading. Not ordered books off Amazon before and was pleasantly surprised all arrived even the ones from Germany and US, they got to me quicker than the uk ones.
I held off getting the books in the l have read will get those soon and a couple are just out so still very expensive. Brilliant writer she writes a lot of different supernatural books. These are sort of vampire based the series called the Dark series by Christine Feehan
Her one book Dark Celebration is set at Christmas and as a treat has 40pages of chocolate deserts at the end of it that people have sent in. I wish l could cook instead l sit and drool looking at them.

Monday, 1 March 2010


My Dad passed today 4/11/1917 - 1/3/2010 You were ever the gentleman a wonderful husband and a great dad.