Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evil Antepsin

I seem to be a bit of a liability to things lately. A couple of days ago l had to give 5ml of Antepsin to a bulldog. I bent down to squirt it in his mouth l wasn’t holding him tight enough as he was a softy. He was panting a lot and moved his head with a jerk as he felt the syringe caused the Antepsin to do a graceful arc through his open mouth and hit the kennel wall. Antepsin is a thick white liquid.

Cussing l got a new syringe. As there was not enough Antepsin in the bottle for the syringe to reach and tipping was out due to bottle shape v syringe length l put the Antepsin bottle lid upside down on the counter and poured the liquid into that, except l coughed this caused me to over pour and Antepsin poured over the sides.

I “yiked” and jumped and my other hand caught a half mug of tea that l knocked over. This spilled into the lower draw that was open. I grabbed some blue roll and started to mop one of the nurses came to give me a hand. I kicked the draw shut, out of sight out of mind. It is sort of a junk draw and needs a good scrub sometime when l am in the mood and not busy.

I went to clean the spilled Antepsin and bottle cap up. More blue roll and a grab to clean spill and lift cap l knocked the full cap onto the floor which threw it’s contents over the floor.

Bending with a snarl l cleaned that as well and lifted the lid, wiped it and put it back on the bottle, stood up and dropped the bottle as l tightened the lid. Luckily my foot managed to break the bottles fall and l didn’t break it.

I placed the bottle into draw and pushed syringe into other nurses hand told her to do the bulldog as l was not going near the evil Antepsin for at least 24hours. I went back to clean the kennel wall and the auxiliary had thankfully got that for me.

That does not count the random bucket of mop water l tripped over, or the fallen over broom l didn’t see till l went sprawling.


aromatic said...

Ahhhhhh the joys of Antepsin.... My dog Basil has to have two 5ml syringes of Antepsin daily and it is some horrid thick stuff of which I have accidentally spilt onto myself or even Basil on the odd occasion, especially if managing with a syringe that needs replacing and is a bit on the stiff side if you know what I mean... then there is the hateful stage of the nearly empty bottle when one has to pour some Antepsin into another container as the syringe will not reach into the Antepsin thats left in the bottle no matter what angle you tip the bottle.... but your incident with the Antepsin sounds horrendous although I do have to be honest here and tell you that your account of the Evil Antepsin just cracked me up!! Sorry!! (Better luck next time!! lol!!)
Love Jane xxx

Joker the Lurcher said...

i have similar luck, although i am rarely let loose with medicine!

Vetnurse said...

Jane use the upside down lid it is my first accident with the blimming thing.

Wish l was never let loose at times Joker.