Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Re-evaluate Relationships

At times it helps to re-evaluate relationships so here are 3 re-evaluations l have been involved in lately:


The other night the vet who l had always thought was a friend said.
“You know if you are still coughing as badly tomorrow night l am going to give you a jab of Convenia (long term antibiotic)”

“Ohh will it help me stop coughing and sort me out”

“Nope it give me a chance to hurt you as much as your coughing has hurt my ears”

WHHHHaaaaa and here is me thinking he is a friend. I aimed a kick at a tender part of his anatomy but he was ready and jumped back.

“What’s up” was his reply “l could have said l would use stingulox (Synulox) on a daily basis”…at this point he ran up the passage while l plotted revenge.


Dealing with a 50kg English Bull Mastiff who was lying in the walk in kennel on her doubled over duvet. She was to comfy to stand up and pulling just got her snuggling down harder so l was lying down trying to listen to her heart with my scope. Forget feeling pulses she was to fat.

As l was counting the beats a deep rumbling growl started in her belly and rose up her chest. I lifted my eyes slowly to her face which was lifting a lip up some very very big teeth, well they looked big when l was lying on the floor. My brain worked at 900miles an hour to work out how to grab her mouth shut, pin her down and get out of the deep pile of dodo l was in.

Thankfully she was staring intently at the door crack and a dog that was being walked past the door and not looking at me. I slowly moved my hand to her neck to push down and moved back. Once the dog passed out of her sight she settled down and went back to being a softy.

My heart took some time to settle back into something resembling calm and collected.


I am not a shar-pei person, placing them with a lot of breeds that should not be allowed. Leaving aside temperament (awful) they are a walking health hazard and l object to animals being bred with health problems that cause them a life of pain because people ‘like’ the breed. If they liked it they wouldn’t allow it to be bred with the problems it has.

However we have had a young one about 5months old in at work. She is very sweet. Not enough for me to like the breed overall but enough that she is getting to be a pest if l walk past and do not stop to give her a cuddle every time.

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