Friday, 18 June 2010

Emma Bramley RIP

Today is Emma's funeral. My heart goes out to her family and l know she will be with them.

Tomorrow is Emma's birthday and a "memorial weekend" for her and my husband Brian at Langar. Over 90 skydivers will take to the skies throughout the weekend, weather permitting and celebrate the lives of Brian and Emma. They are looking at some point to forming a giant B & E in the air in their honour.

Fly Free Emma & Brian RIP 4/6/10
In support of Nottingham Air Ambulance

Emma Bramley Fly Free RIP 4/6/10

Emma Bramley Fly Free RIP 4/6/10


LibraLass said...

Go well Emma and Brian.

JuliaM said...

A truly lovely memorial. I hope they have clear skies and favourable conditions tomorrow.