Monday, 19 September 2011

Gods Candles

I wrote this to explain to a special friend David C who has been a tower of spiritual strength how l feel about the night, it still needs tweaking but with me that can take years, it explains a bit how l feel about the night & why l love walking & kayaking in the dark, a very special time when you have just your thoughts & not the distractions of daylight:

God’s Candles

They assume the night is black, as black as Satan’s darkest sin
Inside they huddle, curtains tight, across the cold clear glass
Inside the rooms all lights are lit, to bring back their precious day.

They miss the softness of ev’n blackest night, no sin in it but love so bright
They miss the stars that pierce points, through a blackened velvet cloth of sky
Like untouched jewels of Angels fair, no earthly diamond pure as they
No blood, no pain, no wealth from others can be used gain them.
Their beauty and their shimmer owned by creatures of the night

Soft light falls upon the world below, spilled from the many faces of the moon,
From wide tooth grin too tight lipped smile, depending on her feeling.
Moon light paints black spans of water, with silhouettes of trees & buildings striding ‘long the waters edge,

Trees fold back to jet black groves, strange noises scare the wary.
Leaves that tremble in the gentle breeze, while light reflects from dew touched tips.
Light from heaven, not Satan’s pits.

Dusting's of mist in low patches hover, across the glinting, black still water
Untouchable by reaching hands it wraps in skeins around the body
Caused by temperature flux ‘twix land and water so scientists would say
But we know the truth, it’s breath from hidden monsters

Clouds may hurry across the sky and cover up the light
But above that cloud the light still shines, even if we can’t see it
Just watch the tides they know it too and allow the pull to guide them.

So pull back those curtains, turn off your lights and go walk in the garden.
No monsters there, just the place you know
Lit by Gods candles from heaven.
© CL VN 8/2011

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