Sunday, 6 September 2009

Head Dressing's

Wibble is very good natured and often used for student practice of various bandaging techniques, much better than a doll. I managed to get some photos of her in "model mode". Bandaging is generally done by nurses vets tends to mess up they are always in a rush.

First fold the ear over the head and pad it, making sure your wound is covered by melolin or whatever dressing you want.

Then apply the first layer make sure it is not to tight especailly under the throat.

Then your next layer anchored nicely round the other ear

Finally your last layer

Now get a pen and write do not cut and a shape of the ear. Ears have been removed by people cutting through what they thought was just bandages.

Check the tightness at every stage so the patient can breath then step back and admire your work... and write in that warning!!!


Roses said...

Oh bless her. She looks so cute.

Sorry. Having a moment. It's the painkillers.

Sage said...

When Sam (my jrt) cut his ear, we used to use an old clean sock to cushion the padding on his ear to allow it to scab over.. he did look so funny but it did the job and saves cutting it off.. mind you he used to bleed very well when first done and often came home a strange pinkish colour :0)

Vetnurse said...

I have missed the plot someplace Roses why the painkillers?

Nothing like a cut ear or tail for a blood bath Sage :-)

Roses said...

Hi.Just up and about from being neutered on Monday. Bit sore.

Vetnurse said...

Humans always seem a lot slower to recover from that good luck with the pain killers.