Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Woke up Sunday morning after a not great restless night had lost my voice and felt pretty grotty. Great way to start a set of night shifts and of course Sunday was manic. 9 ops, 30+ in patients, isolation and overflow isolation full, icu full and from 23:00 the usual set-up of 2 nurses a vet and auxiliary. At least l did not need to answer the phones. I remembered at 7am that l had forgotten to take a break. I sort of took one then till l ended at 8am interspersed with my morning change over and oops l forgot to do's...

Last night quieter but l had to take several phone calls after the vet had gone to bed and the other vn and auxiliary had gone home. l sort of squeaked sorry laryngitis to callers but most never seamed to notice anything strange. The collection driver put the phone down thinking it was a rude phone call. He got the message on the callback l did.
If one more person laughs at the whisper interspersed with squeaks that l am producing instead of a normal voice l am going to brain them with an upside down dog food bowl full of rancid food.

2 nights left before my 4 off. There must be some bug going round as the day shift have been calling in sick faster than flies on a wound. Back to the good old problem. 1) l don't feel l am sick enough to call in sick 2) l am self employed not that that makes any difference see 1) and 3) Trying to find emergency night cover is like looking for a werewolf at a vegans convention... it just isn't going to happen.4) And finally nights like to stick it to days to show we are better than they are and need less sick time.


Joker the Lurcher said...

poor you! i get throat things a lot - very hard to keep order with no voice!

Roses said...

Awww honey.

Hot rum toddys for you.

Vetnurse said...

still croaking one week on. At least my throat is not being scoured by barbed wire. My head is still stuffed full of the cold that decided to swing in and join the club but that has abated a lot and l am back on shift monday night.
I feel bad as l haven't done any housework l wanted to but l didn't feel up to it.