Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Live Safari SA

I have discovered a fantastic new site. It is called Wild Earth TV. It is based at Djuma Game Reserve in SA. They have a fixed cam at the waterhole and a roving cam that goes on safari twice a day, three on certain days. It is all live and best savoured with sound as the presenter talks you through things going on. They have the full spectrum of game there all the big 5 and nothing is set up. There is certain regular animals seen a lot from buffalo to leopard and hyenas who all have names.

On the night safaris it has night vision so you get a better view of things. When not on night safari they have a "fireside chat"

There is a small chat room attached to the site and the control watches that and relays info. You can also send in questions and comments direct via email which they try and answer during the safari or fireside chat. It is very interactive, with regular viewers being an important part of the overall safari with their feedback and they also hunt answers for the presenters. It is like no other show l know, a schedule is posted so you know what is going on when.

Below are a couple of links for it l have found the first link the better one but it seems to vary for different people:

Link 1
Link 2

Enjoy, just don't let you boss catch you at work

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