Thursday, 15 July 2010

Life Moves On

Well life has been moving on and l have been working silly hours. Nothing new for me l just haven't had time to post between work and sorting Brian's estate so thought l would do a quick update.

Doing this bookkeeping lark is a nightmare and as l have to keep the company going to be able to work for a couple of my nursing practice clients. I have had a crash course on keeping my accounts. One of Brian's friends is an accountant and he has been a life saver, l am sure he has gone greyer though since he started to teach me books.

The other week/s l did a 12night shift then spent 3 days running round town seeing the dentist getting more antib as my tooth root abcess was still throbbing. My dentist blew a gasket at the associate who had seen me a week or so before and only given me a light dose of amoxy. I got hammered with a hefty dose of metronidazole. Seeing the accountant (official one not teacher one) seeing banks and just wondering where all the hours in the day had gone.

I started on an unofficial diet in other words gave up eating properly when Brian died, but then when l started to loose weight l turned it into a proper weigh loss. I have lost over a stone and am still going down also dropped a trouser size. I have cut out crisps, cake, bread, sweets, chocolate things like that and eating sensibly.

I will be going down to the parachute centre and have been as much as l can. It will now be my second home. I couldn't have got by without the skydiving community they have been excellent. Many of them have asked for a copy of the Tribute l wrote and read out at the funeral l was very touched, many have said it moved them to tears.

The channel tunnel have been brilliant. Brian and l had a holiday booked for August which is now not on. They have refunded the money Brian paid from the holiday we had to cancel back at Christmas and rescheduled for august. Apparently they do not usually refund but given the circumstances they are. I will use them when l finally get away on a holiday at the moment l am looking at next year.

Was feeling a bit depressed yesterday and nipped to the neighbours to ask them something when l came out of their house there was a HUGE double rainbow set against coal black clouds and the arch went straight over the top of the house. It was a fantastic tonic from Brian. As far as l am concerned he is still with me in spirit and l am always speaking and referring to him.

My cooking is as bad as ever and after l had to feel my way to the oven through the smoke l have decided burgers are just not for me to cook. Have given away the box we had in. I will stick to salads and stews.I have been thinking of getting a slow cooker told you can not go wrong with them. Thing is that is based on normal people not on someone with my unique "cooking" skills.

Well that's sort of all my news for now. I need a bath and to try feel human, something l have been wanting to feel for many years.. someplace it says "Seek and ye shall find" Wrong l has been seeking for years and still not finding :-))


LibraLass said...

Caro, A Slow cooker is brilliant and even for someone like you you cant go wrong, just chuck stuff in, some liquid, turn it to auto and leave. If you need to chat call me and I will talk you through it all.
I must get up to visit, again let me know when you are available.
Lots of love and rainbows.

Lesley XXX

JuliaM said...

Glad to see things are starting to lift at last. The rainbow sounds like a fantastic sign :)

Yes, slow cookers are great, but soups and stews aren't summer eating. Have you thought of trying one of these residential cookery courses, to have a break all to yourself and learn a few new techniques,

Joker the Lurcher said...

good to see you back here - i have missed your posts. i am no cook either - too adhd! i can cook things thatt you can't leave, like pancakes, really well, and things that you can leave for ages like stews but anything that needs timing i am rubbish.

Vetnurse said...

Thanks Joker good to be back slow but steady. l have a lot of blog reading to catch up on feel out of the loop.

It may not be the season for stews and soups.. but it is the safer form of my cooking. I did do a 6mth cooking course as a teenager, was told go do something else. Cooking isnt for you!

I cook like Joker except many years since l tried pancakes. I am about to go and do some tuna macaronis. They will do me for several days. And as all in one pot pretty safe cooking :-))