Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dentist's, Bifocals & Ash

I now have a new answer when dealing with company's who know about B. They ask if the card/account holder is present. My reply "He is here in 3 small bags of ash on my desk... now go and read your computer properly" there is generally a stunned silence then realisation sinks in.

Been in and had 5 fillings this morning my dentist who is fantastic told me "you doing well grinding your teeth chipped another bit off in 2 weeks since l saw you"
He won't do anything more than emergency type work for about 2 years. Apparently that is the time you generally have grief stress for. If he does as he puts it any heroic work any sooner l will just grind it out or stress will get in the way of any healing.

When l went with my root abscess a couple of weeks ago he said the start of it was about on course for stress illness and to expect more health related problems, even if niggardly. So guess who now has a cold although to be fair people with colds were sneezing and snerching at me on the weekend and l am always first in line for a cold.

Collect my new glasses as well today bifocals. Looking at how l am doing so far they are not a hit. I have a month trial but the lady said most folks decide in a week. They are very unsettling.

The July braai (barbaque) went very well. 3x 20 hour days did hammer me a bit but l still felt unwound by the end. There was about 1500 people and with all the booze that flowed we had 2 booze incidents. One a Turkish friend of some Rhodesians who wouldn't stop touching the girls. He was spoken to softly in his ear hole and he left. Another was a friend of someone who was drunk & mouthy, his friends were so upset at his behaviour they took him and left.


Joker the Lurcher said...

take care of yourself, mrs vetnurse. it must be so tough just now.

Dave the Dog said...

Know what you mean Caro. 2nd broken tooth in a week. Plate for first I can't wear as it's too painful and six months to wait before I can think about implants.
I've been trying to get my wife's name taken off utility bills for years. I've now given up.
Bifocals lasted two days, I went for laser treatment in the end.
I'm glad your braai went well for you. Keep your chin up hon. xxx