Sunday, 22 August 2010

Soliciting Help

Got an apology through from the solicitors l was so disgusted at. I am doing the executor bit and have help from the legal helpline that came as part of the funeral package but just wanted an eye cast over what l had done, have some questions answered and get any advice.
Brian knew various partners and staff from a local firm he met business networking and liked them so l decided to go in for advice.
I felt that an hour or 2 at most even if a couple of hundred pounds was a price worth paying as I didn’t want to mess anything up.

The receptionist it turned out was a real charmer:

Me) “I would like to arrange am meeting to ask some questions and just go through what l have done & have to do to sort my husbands estate”.

her) “I suggest we do the executor for you”.

Me) No thank you l am doing it myself l just want to know l am doing it all right and have some questions answered.

her) A look of distaste on her face like l crawled from under a rock “We do charge for our advice it isn’t free you know”.

Me) Just about to walk out snapped back very angry “I did not come in for free advice l came in with the intention of paying for up to date information and help”

her) “Well she would have to open a file for you and l don’t know if she would want to or not”

Me) Pushed a step to far snarled. “Don’t bother l would not use your practice if it was the only one around or if l was paid to use it” and l stormed out.

I went into a smaller solicitor that had done some work for my folks and who l had also met and was given a smile and l explained what l wanted.
The person l needed came down with his diary and we arranged the next day. It was to be £150/hr as far as l am concerned worth paying.

He was great checked everything. Pronounced l was doing it all fine and answered my questions. At the end l asked how much it was and he looked at his watch mumbled something and l said no problem invoice or should l nip to the bank now.
“No no l said it was only 20minutes l am not going to charge you for that” and a nice grin lit him up.
I was stunned and it was actually 30mins but hey l wasn’t going to argue. They will also be drawing up my will and anything else l need after service like that, although l know l defiantly pay then!


Dave the Dog said...

Changed my will the other week. Hadn't visited my solicitor since my wife died 17 years ago. Expected a whopping big bill, but it only came to £35. Hope it's another decade or so before I visit again. (Hope I do visit again!)

Vetnurse said...

That's good to hear you have sorted your will and have one. I would hate to have dealt with things if there was no will.

l have just booked my will rewrite again with the same nice solicitor.

I am pushing everyone l know to get their wills done. One of the girls l work with and her husband said it shook them and they have drawn their will up, never had one before. Her mum has written one and 2 of her neighbours.

Anonymous said...

We've had a couple of very good, very friendly solicitors doing things like wills, conveyancing and protecting us from numpties. However, we've also had second-hand experiences of charmers like the first one you visited—they've been employed by other people and have caused no end of bother until our solicitors sunk their teeth into them. :D

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I expect this has reached your ears already - as so many were on it that parachuted, including a young man from Farnborough.

So sad.
Just thinking of you