Monday, 23 August 2010

This wire goes....?

A few days off at last been a bit busy l have worked 24 days out of the last 28 days, fair to say l am now wilting somewhat.

The day shifts were at a small practice run by a South African vet who has just bought into a game reserve that attaches to Kruger National Park. I told him that as soon as it is sorted to let me know l would love to visit.
I also nicked the South African Country life magazine that was there, actually l am returning it once read but l want to savour it. It is what magazines used to be like. Packed full of info, good articles, food and no "celebrates" and their cheap lives. I looked into getting it sent over but it is £75/year so idea on hold.

My slow cooker is fantastic so far done couple of stews, sausage casserole and a shoulder of pork and all of it was edible. I thought that a 3.5ltr slow cooker sounded very small but it is actually big enough for several days meals.

Brian's boet came round tonight to put Brian's computer back in. It had been repaired and he had his laptop in. His boet runs a large ISP company & knows his way round a computer Brian's wiring drove him nuts. He did it eventually but he was sweating with stress muttering about why can't Brian do things simple. I told him that's why l left it for him to do, reckon Brian was in fits of laughter at the pair of us scratching our heads & mumbling blankly, pulling wires trying to work out what went where and get the mouse to work let alone work out the usb hub and how it got it's power.

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Dave the Dog said...

Hope you are okay hon