Saturday, 14 November 2009

I'm Gonna Die!!!!

Siamese, although generally nice cats tend to be neurotic. If they get ill then they know they are going to die. Whether it is a life threatening case or a sore toe. They are full of eastern mysticism and "know" things. This can make them noisy and frustrating as they make sure you know how they are suffering. They are vocal whether lying pathetically on their bed or stalking around the kennel.

The following is a typical but shortened conversation with one. They tend to never shut up.

Siamese ... yowll grrr mmmrrp mrrrppp... (I am going to die)

Me...No you are not, you are just a bit ill.

Siamese (shaking drip leg in air)... Yowwwll grmph yooooowl (I am a siamese l KNOW l am going to die, you are going to embalm me)

Me...No you are not eating and a bit dehydrated that's what the drip is for. (passing a bit of warmed chicken over)

Siamese (muffled as mouth full of chicken)...yowwwlll mpmmph grrrrrmph (You don't know what you are talking about)

Me... If you are going to die you are going on a full belly then

Siamese...mphph (swallow) yowwwllllll yoelll yowll grrr mmmrrp mrrrppp (I tell you l know l am going to die)

Me... Well is it worth wasting food on you if you are going to die?

Siamese (Glaring at food bowl)... Yowwwlllll (Gimme!)

Me... Only if you shut up for 5 min. so l can do your pulse and respiration.

The above Siamese went home the next day, as do so many despite their "I'm gonna die" conviction.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

SO true,,, I have owned four over the years, let alone the numerous patients. Typical that they also get anorexia i guess...

Vetnurse said...

yup all are "gonna die!, all have anorexia is sort of a Siamese mantra chant.

JuliaM said...

Oh, yeah, they never shut up. When I took our male in for his annual jab last week, he was purring so loudly the locum vet couldn't hear his heartbeat through the stethoscope!

Sage said...

I like Siamese but they are completely nutty...