Sunday, 29 November 2009


I know l have grumbled on this before but especially in the run up to Christmas and just after the following calls increase 10 fold.

Ringing up and telling me that you have bought 1, 2 3 or 4+ pedigree puppies or kittens (or even non pedigrees) and want them vaccinated is fine and sounds responsible. The vaccination part, not the fact you have multiple animals.

Telling me that you are on benefits and expect to have everything done cheap or free will get you a polite reply (because l have to be polite) but it will not get you free or reduced rates. I will go to very formal tell you to go and call a charity not a private practice. If you start whining on about how much money vets make out of poor people who have nothing, or that it is not convenient to go all the way to the charity practice l will put the phone down on you.
With all your benefits you are often making more than a lot of student veterinary nurses and some qualified nurses.

You want a pet then you pay for it, do not expect everyone else to. Quite frankly if that is your attitude then the chances are the animal is better off being put down because when it needs a vet because it is ill you will avoid paying for it unless it is free and it is likely to become another cruelty statistic.

Telling me that your dog/cat needs a booster, you have become unemployed, are disabled or something has gone genuinely wrong with your life. I will do my best to help you out.

Genuine cases l am only to happy to help but scroungers beware, everyone is sick to death of you "gimme gimme" take take take behaviour.

I said it before and l will say it again:

A Human does not have the right to an animal, but an animal has a right to a responsible human.

(Sorry am now off my soapbox)


Compostwoman said...

Totally agree VN!

Vetnurse said...

How strange CW it shows no comments but you have commented?

Sage said...

Well said, I was brought up with animals first, animals last and you somewhere well down the line. In other words, no matter how cold, tired or hungry you were, they had a right to be seen to first because they don't have a voice relying on you for everything.. so suck it up, be a big person and put the pets first xx

Blue bird said...

I have a lot of "pets" out in the free and wild nature.
I feed at night the raccoons and they don't bother the garbage cans for those humans who took away the habitate from them!
I feed the birds and I don't want to see a bird in a cage.
I don't like the word "pet" because all is telling me about a selfish, inconsiderate, nasty human who is abusing an animal for their own sadistic pleasure! My name is Blue Bird,
my blog address is: