Thursday, 21 January 2010

Breedings Easy In'it

I don’t mind giving advice over the phone helping people and their animals, l do it all the time. In certain cases though l get angry that people, in easily remedied situations, have not taken the time to do their own basic homework.

I had 6 phone calls between 04:00 and 06:00am the other day. The woman was hysterical about her bitch giving birth. I told her at one point to “put her husband on who l could hear in the background and sounded less upset. Then go and make coffee, bake a cake, anything that got her OUT of the area the bitch was giving birth as she was winding the bitch up screaming and crying over her, hugging her and poking her and she [bitch] would probably kill the puppies”

“Oh dear, oh no oh my god l didn’t realise l was causing a problem” followed by more crying and howling down the phone. She handed the phone over for this call but did all the rest.

None of the calls were quick all needed Q and A and repeating of A as she wasn’t listening properly. There was no complications just people who had not taken the time to learn. The calls kept dragging me away from the inpatients, genuine cases that l was trying to deal with.

The vet took the 7th call as my arms were full of an injured cat it was to tell him the puppies were suckling and wasn’t it exciting, then she put the phone down. The vet looked at the phone like it had bitten him and, then looked at me and said “What was all that about”?

Was it wonderful, no actually it wasn’t, we were dealing with a genuine emergency who were more important than some woman who should have taken her time to do her basic breeders homework. Who couldn’t deal with the basics of a bitch giving birth normally and who stressed her [bitch] to almost reject the puppies, and interfered with the care of genuinely ill patients because of her lack of fore thought.

If you insist on breeding your dog or cat you should at least learn the very basics about what goes on. Instead the vast majority of people look at an average litter, add a couple of extra babies (optimism).
They then look at what new things they want, after all, why use the money to pay off debts.
They look for the cheapest pedigree stud of the breed needed available, preferably their own male but if not any close ones will do.
Unless you want a cross breed litter with a fancy name then any old mutt or moggie, will do.
Finally they take a calculator and work out how much to charge for each puppy/kitten.

It is no excuse to say that it was an unplanned litter and giggle about how exciting it is and how you wonder what is going to happen or be shocked at what does. If you know the bitch is pregnant deal with it, properly. If the bitch or queen is not neutered learn what can happen, you know that bird and bee stuff naughty sex. If your bitch gets a sudden weight gain and they have been in season a couple of months before what did you assume…they ate doughnuts DUH!
Yes, l had that said to me once that they thought the bitch had eaten some doughnuts lying around.

The checklist below is in no particular order; The majority of questions below are not all the questions, just some basic ones the “breeders” wouldn’t even think to look into and if they do, they ignore the question as it would cost money or time or effort or all 3. After all animals have babies all the time so what's the'it

Should you look into the various birthing stages and what happens?

Should the animals (male and female) have any tests for genetic problems?

Should you check the family history of the dam and sire to avoid inbreeding?

Should the mother be wormed pre and during and post pregnancy and the pups?

Should there be no fleas about (these can suck usually kitten’s dry of blood)?

Should the mother be vaccinated?

Should the homes be checked?

Should the mother and the pups be fed on good quality food?

Should you look at buying in milk substitute and feed bottles in case needed?

Should you look up information on how to hand raise puppies/kittens?

Should you look into the cost of a caesarean and other vets fees?

Should you look into the post birth problems of mothers?

Should you know how old the mother should be bred from till?

Should you make sure the dam and sire are fit and healthy?

Should you only breed at responsible times? i.e. Not at Christmas

Should they make up stupid names and charge a fortune for cross breeds?
Yes… Confirm

Should they make sure their pedigree is registered with the kennel club so they can give out paperwork to charge as much as possible?

Should you advertise as cheaply as possible to make as much money as possible?

See you checked the important things yes; breeding animals couldn’t be easier, now just sit back and wait for the money to roll in.


JuliaM said...

I wonder if the people who behave in this way are as casual and careless when it comes to their own breeding?

And then I think...yes, probably they are!

Vetnurse said...

Good point Julia and yes like you say they probably are. However it is not just scroats this applies to it seems all facets of society fall into this trap. Even people you would think would be sensible.

Anonymous said...

We get the same thing with pig keepers.

They decide they "love" the gilt they've bought for meat—never stopping to think there's a reason it not being kept for breeding.

Then they get some manky boar, because he's cheap, and put it in with the gilt, without thinking about her age, her development, or what they'll be doing in 114-115 days times.

Then they suddenly discover the pig is having piglets.

And it's messy. And it's icky. And their much-loved pig has blood coming out. And the piglets are wet and slimy. And "ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, call Stonehead now!!!!!!!"

"Hello, Stonehead the Awesome Pig Guru here. What? Your sow's farrowing and you don't know what to do? Just piss off and leave her to it."


(Oh, and I mention my irritation about this on my blog, people take offence and tell me I should help beginnners out, shouldn't keep my knowledge to myself, and should bend over backwards for them. Well, they should think first, prepare themselves, and remember that stones don't bloody well bend.

Vetnurse said...

I am so jealous there is many the time when l want to tell people in all circumstances to piss of and let things sort themselves out but l can't.

A bit of fore thought and time is all it costs. It seems even free except time taken is to high a price for some people.