Monday, 25 January 2010

Sweet, Loving, Abandoned.

Saturday night we had a lovely rottie cross brought in. He was a big dog about 45/50kg. His owners had moved out the house and left him. We got a call via the police to go and collect him. If l was going to get another dog he would have been it. I don’t think he knows what the word “nasty” is and is a big lolloping softie.

He knew commands and so despite being scatty and bouncing all over, when l went into the kennel and said settle now lad he would sit and grin his big happy smile, tongue out, front feet slightly twitching waiting to be told he could move.

He has gone onto kennels l just hope he gets the home he deserves and not some scroat who is looking for a tough guard dog and treats him like dirt.


aromatic said...

I so hope he does get that loving home!! What a gorgeous boy he is... so wish I could have him myself. How do people just abandon a dog... it breaks my heart and makes me feel so dam angry! Ought to lock the bargers up and throw away the key!!!
Love Jane xxx

LibraLass said...

Oh bless the boy. He looks so lovely. Do hope he finds a good home. L xx

Joker the Lurcher said...

mrs vetnurse, i think this dog has your name on him...

Vetnurse said...

Thanks Joker but we are not planning on any dogs or other animals in the near future at least.

They are a big responsibility and we are having an animal free period in our lives. Also l do a lot of travelling with work, although l can take pet it is an extra stress especially when it is a lot of different work places.

Added to that with all the goings on with my parents an animal would be an extra responsibility.

Nope as lovely as he is he deserves a human who can give him what he wants as do all animals and at the moment we are not able to provide that.

Anonymous said...

Only just seen this post, what a handsome boy. I hope he's now in a new and loving home: the kind he deserves.