Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ego meets VN

Well l have surfaced after my 8 nights. I did a few short comments and some twitters but nights just takes the enthusiasm out of doing much l get to tired.

The following happened last year we had a day vet covering nights he was a good vet in “knowing his stuff” he was a lousy ego driven people dealer though for those he considers beneath him.

We had a bloat (GDV) case in and l went to set it up. Over the year’s l have set up for a lot probably a a couple of hundred or more of these op’s so l know what we use. There were a couple of auxiliaries on as it was only about midnight and they popped in to help setup.

The dog was prepped and transferred and the operation was about to start. I heard a bellowing coming from the op theatre so went through and was approached by a screaming vet about where the F**King hell was his suction.
I looked at him totally blankly as we do not use suction on bloats. One of the night vets tried it once a few years back, it didn’t work so we never use it.
The screaming continued as l was saying this and was told “l put it on the note of what l wanted set up and other things l wanted are not here” This was screamed along with a lot of other expletives.
Blank look from me what note? The attack unfurled and l won’t take this sort of thing so attacked back. I refused to scream but made sure he heard me and I gave back what was thrown at me soon we had a full scale war going on.

I stormed off came back with the suction and set it up and the other bits he wanted then went to look for the note. I found it eventually the idiot vet had written it on the back of an anaesthetic form and left it with the pile of said forms on the prep table. One of the aux. clearing up had moved them to the side out of the way.
I got a grudging apology from the vet for his behaviour and gave a grudging one back for all l had called him in return, 2 insincere apologies to smooth things over.

Later on the anaesthetic nurse said to me that she had seen many men angry but had never seen one go so berserk, she had been worried he would hit me and was not sure what to do she had been genuinely terrified.
I told her “That would have been his biggest mistake” and not to worry as l certainly wasn't, as had been obvious at the time.
Apparently afterwards he said he would appreciate it if she never mentioned him loosing his temper or what happened. I told her the entire night staff had heard it and already knew so he was a bit late for that.

The vet and l still work together every so often for a few hours on various shifts and are ultra polite to each other.

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