Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life up to Date

Garr fighting off another bought of bad throat and high temperature. Thank goodness for throat lozanges. My idiot Dr who, after a lot of abuse from friends and family l visited about 3 weeks ago as l was getting over last 2 month session, said in one breath. "Well it could be a low grade virus you can not shake due to stress. (You don't say!) BUT as you tested negative for a hiatus hernia 10 years ago l am going to treat you for acid reflux here is a script for omipramizole (strong antacids)
I have come to the conclusion my idiot Dr thinks "If it looks like a horse, and sounds like a horse, it must be a lion eating a tomato"
I am looking for a new Dr l can not handle the total cretin l have any more. He and his partner are worse than useless.
On the subject of medicals l have the meeting re scheduled for 17th May with the local nhs over the complaint for my dads discharge in January. They cancelled the last one as some head of nursing who "Just has to be there" was ill.
We had a letter through asking if we wanted to opt out of all our data going onto the nhs computer. I thought that the computer had been cancelled? Anyhow l filled in the don't put us on it part.

I was getting excited as up to now we have had no paper work through the door about the election but nulab spoiled it yesterday when l got home. There was a "thing" through the door. All the more reason not to vote for them they spoilt my no info yet boast.
Anyway l can not see who is worth voting for they are all as corrupt and scummy as each other so l will vote because of the suffragettes, but l will spoil my paper as A) This area is so solidly labour over 3/4 of the residents who normally vote would need to fail to turn out to make a difference B) I hate all politicians as being corrupt, insipid, self serving clones made out of some spoiled dough. I was hoping that a hung parliament means 300+ politicians hanging by their throats from parliament rafters. I am assured though it doesn't mean that, still l can but dream.

I have a long stretch of nights from Friday 8x 22:00-08:00 on the trot. I am hoping that they are fairly quiet.
I did 2x 17:30-03:30 over the weekend and the nights were manic. It felt like every animal in the area seemed to decide to become ill, get hit by a car or get bitten by another one.
Had a dog in with a tracheotomy tube. What a sweetie to treat, he would sit and lift his head to have his tube cleaned and suctioned every 2hours, l wish more patients were as cooperative.
One of the regular night vets is on holiday so a day vet covered. He has a worse memory than l do which was great as l am usually the bad memory person. He is having a "Come dine with me" night with the staff l was going to go, but, l think as it will be my first night off after my 8 night marathon, l won't make it.

Have been on days yesterday and today at a different vets. One of my semi regulars. It is novel working the whole shift in daylight and ending at 19:00 like regular vet staff. Going to be busy today though as we have a load of ops, l am sole nurse from midday and apart from ops and cleaning post op (theatre, kits, general prep area)and putting away the order l also have quite a few nurse appointments to do as well as all the discharges as patients recover.
Just hope the purified water gets there this morning for the autoclave or several ops will be cancelled. Someone forgot to order any last week but l think l got the phone order through in time to the supplier. If it all goes "tits up" it won't be my problem thought. The joys of being a locum cover, we have to have some perks.

Hub has been away since thursday last week. Langer have had a big skydiving meeting. He lead the SOS (Skydivers Over Sixty) attempt on a UK record over the weekend. They managed a quick 9 way but did not declare it as no one was happy with it. For goodness sake l give up. They got a 9 way, they got a UK record, every jumper was a brit and well over 60 but nope.. they weren't happy. I think the SOS stands for Senile Old Sods or Stupid Old Sods. Later on the Saturday they tried for an 11 way but it wasn't to be.
He is home tonight to do paperwork and l have made the big decision to go into town tomorrow and get an iphone 3gs. I have been dithering since February over that or Blackberry Bold but decision made (l think)

Oh well off to work this getting up in the morning for work is a very novel feeling. I can stand it occasionally but not regular.

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