Thursday, 6 May 2010


When l started this blog in September 2008 l couldn't think what to call it so choose veterinary nursing and life. I still can not think what to change it to. I was thinking of the Barefoot Veterinary Nurse as l dislike shoes and avoid wearing them. That limited me to just veterinary nursing, or A Barefoot View of Life and Veterinary Nursing, that's to long.
So l stick with what l have, still undecided on a name but this one seems to work and on the basis if it isn't broken don't fix it l shall stick with the "temporary" name.

Fed up just been into town to upgrade my phone to an iphone it will have to go on hold as they want £154 for the basic 3Gs. It is all to do with fact it is a mid term change, l am not primary phone on the contract (business one) and they just want to gouge us for it. And if we get it we have to agree to keeping our contract with them for another 24 months.

This is the only reason l vote Suffragette

Dry Bones


Hogday said...

My Gran was out there with them. Whenever we were having an argument over something and it looked like I might have been getting the upper hand, she'd always shout out "Votes for Women" and we'd both fall about laughing. Reason enough to vote.

Vetnurse said...

You had a wise granny.