Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Where l have been working used to be an old bank. When the bank moved out the left a 6foot high safe which would take a tank to move in the back so the vets took it over.

Was great to keep the till in and all went well until yesterday. Guess who tried to open it first thing to get the till out and couldn't get the bottom key in. The bend down flap part of the key was on a loose hinge thing and this had broken inside the lock.

The locksmith was able to get it open, it took him a few hours but all ended well. I felt really guilty but the other 2 nurses assured me the key had been dodgy for some time and they were waiting to see who it broke on because they knew it would break.


Dave the Dog said...

Ever get the feeling you were used as the patsy ;o)

Vetnurse said...

Yup but as a locum get broad shoulders. We are handy to blame for all life's ills.