Monday, 25 October 2010

Out & About

Well it has been a very novel month or so for me. All l have done is day shifts pretty much the whole time. All round the country from Cambridgeshire to Surrey or Sussex to my favourite practice in Kenilworth Martin Heart Referrals.
Vets are in general quite quiet at the moment but often have seasonal lulls so not sure if this is one of those or as a result of the recession.

Mike has done out op theatre WOW mind blowing. All panelled in plastic, dead easy to clean, every thing in new cupboards and draws, new flooring. Has been threatening to do something with the "old" for years but finally took the plunge, and wishes he had done it years ago.
Had a case of extreme shock as Mike J swore he just doesn't swear. Of course l got the blame from the others they said l was the bad influence..l told them to bog off!.
My reading of ultra sound has improved since l started to locum there but l still find it heard to equate a flat picture of the heart with the different colours put on to what l am looking at on the screen. They have colour and when that section is switched on confuses me even more due to movement but it is still fascinating.
It was thanks to the 2 Mikes that Wibble had her treatment and it allowed her a few more months of happy life until she had another sever thrombus towards the end of last year.

One place l locumed at l can see why they have a permanent advert in the vn press for nurses. It was not friendly, l chatted to one person in 2 days other than professional questions.. where is.. have you got a ...
The other practices were all pleasant enough though and it is nice to get out and about and see how the other half lives.

My present locum means l am finally sleeping in my own bed but rotas have become a joke there. So far have had 6 rota changes in a week of shifts has become a rather hysterical joke and HN struggled to keep a straight face when she asked me to swap my monday shift with her. Just as well l am flexible with things. Actually l didn't mind this last swap for today as l am on the shift l like.

Still doing the emergency practice but been there quite a bit on days and usually short notice call in for the weekend. But l did get a text at 22:30 couple of weeks ago asking ifd l could do the 22:00-08:00 shift there had been some swaps and due to an almighty mess up there was no nurse. As l was down at Mikes l couldn't help out.

I have become involved in trying to arrange a mass tandem jump. It started off as for veterinary staff but we have widened it out to friends, family and anyone we can drag it.
The idea was as a thank you to the owner of the vetnurse site l belong to and raise some money for charity. He chose Muir Maxwell Trust as his little daughter has uncontrolled epilepsy and the trust has helped them.
The other plan is to raise awareness about protecting the title veterinary nurse. At the moment anyone can call themselves a vn.
The reason l agreed to help is that it will be done at Langar Parachute Centre It is where Brian passed and spent all his time. They have been fantastic and l couldn't have got by without the people from there and have become my friends as well now. l look at Langar as a second home.
So if you want to do a jump then let me know l will add you onto the list and get forms to you. We have people from all round the country. So place you are coming from is not a hindrance. (shameless plug)
And before you ask no l am not jumping this is not about me it is about others.

The financial ombudsman has the paperwork for the camper, barclays has refused to reply to my last letter, they won't speak to me on the phone so the only way round it is to get a mediator. I just hope they come down on my side and get clydesdale (barclays) to take the motorhome.

My sleep pattern is still up the creek.I fell asleep on the settee in the evening, woke up at midnight and not been able to sleep since, it is going to be a long day. as now 6am. Think l will go get a bath and have a nice hot soak.


JuliaM said...

Welcome back!

"The other plan is to raise awareness about protecting the title veterinary nurse. At the moment anyone can call themselves a vn."

I did not know that!

Vetnurse said...

Yup been told we can not copyright it don't really understand why so looking to try and get the vet surgeon act 1966 changed when it is changed to protect the title. rcvs are not keen on the idea though l don't think
1) we are veterinary nurses and only to be tolerated
2) at the moment lot of vets call their staff veterinary nurses and they are not.
Won't look good to suddenly have to admit that. People should ask if the person doing the anaesthetic is a qualified VN or student vn if not then would you trust them? at the moment the excuse is the vet is in charge.. rubbish they are rumbling around an op site have enough on their mind.

You could go work in a vet practice tomorrow and call yourself a vet nurse.

Vetnurse clinics are often run by non vet nurses or student VN but at least svn are on way to qualified.