Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Whats in Your Bag?

I decided my bag was to heavy so cleaned it out to see what l had in it.

Apart from brochures from yesterday a bottle of brown sauce now in the kitchen and a spare glasses case there was nothing extra. My bag has been called a "swiss army bag" and the pockets of my uniform are also referred to a "Swiss army pockets"

So l now have:
2 glasses cases and glasses
1 sat nav in case
Earphone for music on phone and mains battery charge
BP cuffs
Pill popper
Swiss army knife
Tipex pen
Thermometer (digital)
Thermomodoms (condoms for thermometers)
Dog leads x2
Artery forceps
Key clip for necks
Stethoscope Littmanns Cardiac master 2)
Zantac (indigestion tablets)
Strepsil & cough sweet
Tyrozets (throat lozenges)
Nose drops & vicks nose thing
Ibuprophen cream (aches and pains)
Loads eye lube for ops keep putting them in my pocket and forgetting them
Emla cream
Potato peeler
Pooper scoop bags (roll)
Batteries shoved there when l was asked to look after them from July braai forgot l had them
Cap for soft drinks so l dont have to punch a hole in the cap with my knife. I never take the caps off just drink through the cap.

Not in but usually in:
A book to read
Key ring
Snack of some sort
Soft drinks bottle/s (500ml usually Dr Pepper)
Sat nav screen holder still in the car


Compostwoman said...

That sounds a bit like my handbag contents...

add in a basic FA kit, an epi pen, aaaaaaa bit of wood I am wittleing and yes, that is MY bag..

Vetnurse said...

What you whittling? l tried to get into that as a kid but was bored of sharp points.
I left out nail clippers (animal ones)

Dave the Dog said...

Good grief! They call me Batman at work because of all the kit I carry in pockets and on my bat belt but I can't top that lot!

Roses said...

Do you have a friendly osteopath on call, for the back ache that lugging that stuff around must bring?