Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Just warming up after an evening of club kayaking. Loved it and learnt a lot. Went with the Irish student vet who said earlier in the day she was "proudly non sporting" after tonight, her first time she said she is hooked and wants to do more. The Italian vet who is seeing practice and has problems going straight on the water, it was her 2nd time. She improved a bit (maybe?)

Was great was in a hardshell not been in one of those since l was a kid. I have my eyes on one will need to go down to cornwall though to confirm so later in the year.

As l was only there for 1 session l was given choice of capsize drill or not...of course l stayed which ended up with me being first over. B-L-O-O-D-Y H-E-C-K! the water was cold.
When l got to the side l had a sever attack of giggles and couldn't get out so someone tried to haul me out, l was laughing so much he dropped me back in the water and made me go awaayyyyy to the ladder and climb out :-))

2hrs of fun, all equipment hire, excellent BCU tutoring and only £5 can not beat that.

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