Sunday, 14 August 2011

Life Continues Part 1

About time l got my finger out, l enjoyed blogging but it has gone so far into the background it has become defunct after speaking to a good friend of mine David who has been a very strong support to me l think it is about time l came back and stated to make it a part of my life again. I enjoy writing and it may not be grammatically or spelling correct but it makes me feel better and l think some folks enjoy it.

So much has gone on in life it is hard to know where to start but will give it a go and do it over several postings so l do not turn out one overly long tome that no one, including myself will read:

Work has gone on apace but not much at the night place they are owned by a major group who are going nuts about wages paid so they make the staff swap or do without help, as staff leave or go on maternity (a common thing for some reason in veterinary work) they are not replaced.

Most of my work has been in the day time and l have been all over the country. Apart from Wales or Scotland, pity l like both those areas.
Latest trip was to Malmsbury and staying in Tetbury at their flat there, what lovely towns they are especially Tetbury, full of flower baskets and an annual Tetbury in bloom contest that most of the town enters. Add that to the Cotswold stone and old style means, nightmare to park, pretty to visit probably nightmare to live bet they are full of listed buildings.
My best job was about 2.5miles from home. I was able to leave a few minutes before opening up in the morning, few minutes to get home and slept in my own bed.

My accounts are the bain of my life. When l say l am about to do my accounts there is 3 whhooshes of air as Brian His guardian Angel and Mine head to the corner of the room and the table and chairs there. While muttering about who let her loose on paperwork & oh no there goes a quiet night.
"No dont touch that figure nooonoo, oh good grief, finally you got that sorted, we told you it was wrong column"
"Now change that decimal point it isnt 9000 it is 90 no no LOOK there THAT decimal, would you please stop looking over there and stressing and sort that decimal point out?"
They carry on like this during the 4hrs or so it takes me to do about 2 lines of accounts

The presentation for the Royal Aero Club Awards was amazing, 2 of my friends went along to support me Craig & Kev.
I ended up buying a dress from Asda and have to say l did look smart for once and even had shoes on, very "not me" my usual garb being barefoot and casual.

It was a long day l drove to near London left home 2am caught the tube into London, met Craig and spent the day with him. he was fine that l was barefoot all day. We went into hard Rock Cafe next to the RAF club had a coffee and l changed into night smarts & we met Kev & his girlfriend.
What a night it was lovely to see so many people l knew getting awards, Stuart, Al & Pixie, not to mention those l didn't know or knew by sight who got awards other skydivers or for other disciplines in the air.
Afterwards l retraced route and got back about 2am after no sleep for 24hrs and living on adrenaline. While driving down l discovered a new website they were discussing on radio4 l use the site quite a bit now called Moodscope

Brian's will is finally sorted. It took a letter to my MP who contacted bob diamond big boss at barclays who contacted the managing director at clydesdale, barclays partner finance to get them to sort it and send me a letter of apology.
Unreal how they have behaved l am not interested in their apology just wanted it sorted. That was finally closed about 10 days before the first anniversary of Brian's passing.


Joker the Lurcher said...

i'm so pleased to see you back. i've been slow on blogging too so i know how hard it can be to get writing again. if you are ever working in sussex get in touch.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you blogging again, and I'm pleased to see that life seems to coming together again for you.

Vetnurse said...

Thanks joker will do l was actually down there 3 times in the not to distant past but lost track sometime about 3 months ago. Will bear that in mind for next time :-)

Thanks Stoney not sure with present chaos over the new m/h mot if coming together is correct wordage will update on that one in next couple of weeks when it is all sorted but panic is a word that can be used trying to sort it at the moment :-))

Dave the Dog said...

Lovely to see you back Caro.