Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New pet ideas

I have been requested by my neighbour to think what breed he could get for a new dog as he has given in to requests. They had a lab who passed a few years back. l am a mongrel person and they may yet go for that but want to do the best from the start.
There is always kids 3 & 8 and various friends of theirs around the house. So must be child friendly,
Will be walked but not miles a day,
As few known genetic problems as possible,
Will be petplan insured
Easy to train
Easy to keep clean/groomed

My suggestion of a flat dog fitting in well was looked on with eagerness it fitted all the boxes bar training and even that is possible to a degree... it always knows when food is about. I said they would need to get a licence which may be a bit more difficult but hey it is an excellent breed and crocodiles can be very pretty.

So far though l am either mongrel or Border Terrier biased as my initial suggestion has been declined.

Feel free to add any but so far l have discounted pretty much the whole breeds book of suggestions on the vetnurse site. From genetic problems, thick/long coat, dodgy on temperament, excitable, to much exercise, to big/small and to.....

Once the choice is made l will update you on it.


Vetnurse said...

Thinking about Joker and other Lurchers l have just added them into the pot as well. Not l don't think into playing with kids much which isn't a bad thing although l could be wrong on the rough and tumble but tend to be calm and dignified.

Dave the Dog said...

Yep, Border Terriers are one of the few small dogs I like. Nice to see you've added Lurchers, I also like Grayhounds. There are so many needing homes and they are very misunderstood. I'll always be a GSD man though. :-)

Vetnurse said...

Yup thought of Greyhounds as l worked with them for 7 years but the problem is getting a youngster they want a pup and not that easy to get cheap. Not that pedigrees are cheap but a GH is more in general.

Vetnurse said...

Looks like they are going for a Border Terrier :-)