Monday, 26 January 2009

Cleaning Up

Sorry l have been a bit slow in writing the last few days. l have come over the other side of the country to help a friend. Her father died in mid December and the house has needed a major sort out and clean. He was a bit of a pack rat. l have only come in on the tail end of it, post the major sort and removal of a couple of skips.
This week has seen me with buckets of hot water, sponges and dust cloths and a home made dust brush, a small hand brush taped to a walking stick to reach high places.
Wibble has been shunted from room to room but so long as she has her bed and knows l am within view so if she peeps round a door she is happy bless her.

He was one of the few model makers in the world that made his steam engines from scratch, most people buy kits he did not. His work was highly sought from steam engine collectors worldwide it was done on the 1” to 1ft scale.
He was a skilled cabinet maker and she is keeping a lovely desk and glass cabinet all hand crafted that he made.
Gardening was not her dad’s forte, though it will look nice when someone takes the time to do the garden.

He also loved birds, and wrens have a special place. There is a nest box in the garage that they use and he left a hole in the garage roof for them to get in and out the garage. The post box has a double floor in so that they can nest inside that. The top half is a working post box the lower is “ma and pa” wren and their little ones. Going back about 25 years of wren generations have used the garage and post box that must be a record for bird houses.

There is a hell of a lot of boxes to lift. The boot of my car is full of books we are doing them in relays, lifting boxes into the flat and collapse a box and collapse. Still quite a bit to bring back to the flat from the house.
A friend of hers is taking loads to his place, to store as he has room. He is also taking her pride and joy, a 1958 James that needs restoring her long term project. Dismantled in about 1983 she intended to put it back together the bits are all there it has been one of those “sometime” jobs.

If anyone is interested in buying a lovely bungalow in the Lincolnshire area please let me know l will pass the details on.

I am leaving here late Thursday evening so l miss the M62 traffic around Leeds. I will try and get some blogs up during this week but please bear with me if they are a bit slow going up.


Dave the Dog said...

Hadn't noticed any lack, anyway the present reason is more than worthwhile so stay safe!

JuliaM said...

"He was a skilled cabinet maker and she is keeping a lovely desk and glass cabinet all hand crafted that he made. "

What a lovely keepsake to remember him by...