Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Eye

Eye injuries curl my toes. As soon as l see a damaged eye, my eyes start to get sore in sympathy. This cat was a total toe curler when he came in.
He had somehow stabbed him self in the eye when he was climbing, the stick had broken off and was protruding from the corner. Amazingly he did not appear to feel the problem and was calmly sitting on his bed looking out at the world.

We sedated him and Puss proved he was one of life’s lucky creatures. The stick slid around the orb of the eye, stayed outside of the whole globe and had not damaged anything. It came out when the vet applied firm but gentle pulling pressure. It was a smidge under 2 inches long, l measured it in disbelief.

Puss went home later in the evening when he came round. He was annoyed that we had put a buster collar on him to stop him touching his face for a few days that really did bug him.

Looking down at the stick from behind puss

The Stick from the front


Auntie Jane said...

OMG... That is one lucky cat. I am so glad his eye wasn't damaged.

Hogday said...

AAggh, These cats. If I was ever granted 3 wishes I swear one of them would be to know what cats are thinking!

Vetnurse said...

And another wish to know what women are thinking? or have men just given up on that score and accept that we are the superior of the 2sexes :-D

JuliaM said...

"Eye injuries curl my toes."

OMG! Me too. I can take any amount of blood and gore, but not eyes...

"It came out when the vet applied firm but gentle pulling pressure."

*gulp* I was eating a grape when I read that! ;)

Vetnurse said...

:-)) what "grape" timing!