Friday, 9 January 2009

Weekend Off

Woppeee l am off to see some friends for the weekend down in Maidstone. I have driven everyone mad trying to decide if l would go down tonight or stay here overnight and leave first thing in the morning. Every time l have been asked l just could not decide. With 2 choices to make it has been very stressful for me however decision made. I finally decided to go now as l have to go on the M25 and just know that saturday it will be chocka with traffic.
I come back to the Heart ref. on Sunday evening proably late so l will be out of blog range until monday evening when normal service will be resumed. If l get a chance l will log on and check emails and update any comments posted.

The above is all based on the assumption that l will not be let down by Tom who is my navigator (tom tom).


Hogday said...

Shepheard Neame bitter...lovely! Safe journey.

Lesley said...

Argh you have a Tom, I do too, I call him "Tim Nice But Dim", he nags alot. :-))

Mind you I know your sense of direction so you need someone who nags. :-)