Wednesday, 14 January 2009



Ahh the little tricolour brat hiding under a blanket in the corner of the room as l type. She was also a Teide collection. We went up to one of the high restaurants looking for kittens. They had none only her. All her siblings were dead, her mum was off scrounging as all food was battened down. Less than a week before heavy snows smothered the mountain like vanilla ice cream and colder than that. Wibs had sores on her feet as she staggered round. She was about 2 or 3 weeks old her eyes still baby blue. I did hunt for her mum but no luck.
The decision was l would bring her on to about 9weeks old then re-home in Germany, ummm ok did not go to plan did it? 15 or so years later.
Santa was a fantastic mum just Santa had a thing about whiskers and none of her “babies” were allowed them, all got chewed off as soon as they grew back.

I used to take Wibble in with me to the original home of K9 some kennels at someone’s house, at about 7 weeks distemper went through there she thankfully did not catch it. Then Demodex patches and finally spayed about 10 weeks old.

She has always been nervous and since the other 2 have gone very clingy to me. To the degree that even if l am at home and go to the kitchen l do not need to turn round to know a little face is just checking me out.
At Mike Martins (heart referral) it is great she sleeps in the office. I do have to tie her up though. She keeps sneaking over to Mike M desk and lying by it. When he stands up you hear a yelp and scream as they meet. What is it about animals they never learn.
The emergency place l work she sleeps by the desk in medical prep and pretty much doesn’t budge from her bed but tries to compromise that back legs are on the bed. Other places she is kennelled (she hates) or free range or tied up in an area like prep. If she is not allowed l do not go.

Santa and Poca were her mentors and when Poca peed she squatted and cocked her back leg. So she did not get her long “feathers” wet. When Santa peed she would squat a bit then kick sand or whatever back over the patch.
Wibble now squats, cocks her leg then kicks sand backwards when done.

Well that’s Wibbles story l am sure in time l will mention all the animals but l just wanted to tell about the trio in the heading and whose photo’s heads my profile. That was taken the day they got home from quarantine still confused about what was happening but glad to be back with us. There is loads more l will put up as short stories over time about all 3 and other animals but thats enough gooey stuff from me for 3 days.


joker the lurcher said...

i love the gooey stuff! i am so gooey about mine - it is nice to know folks who work with them are also gooey at home!

Sage said...

I am enjoying the history of your pets, it's nice to keep their memories alive and a reminder of the happy times

Auntie Jane said...

Since reading about your three I might write about some of the dogs I've had through my life.

Roses said...

Gooey stuff is good, especially about such characters.

You goo as much as you like, it's your blog and it's fab.

I wonder why Santa had a whisker thang?

Vetnurse said...

:-)) dunno what she had about whiskers but it was funny watching her do the barbershop chop with her teeth, then looking close and chewing more off till they were the required length (invisible) l wondered if it was cause they were stiff.

Many thanks for not minding the goo everyone.