Saturday, 11 July 2009

Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and cheese refers not to names but temperaments.

We had a small cross breed Jack Russell size in for a stitch up. Pre op we had to use a double dose of domitor to get near him (a very strong sedative) We managed to then muzzle him and drip him. When we anaesthetised him his blink reflex went and his bite stayed ... crazy situation!!.

Post op we put him in an incubator for recovery, he was so evil when he came round that we couldn't get near him, to the degree that walking into critical care had him attacking the perspex to get to us. He had to be moved to a proper kennel as the incubator was only temporary and we needed it for other patients. We had to anaesthetise him to move him over, luckily he had a drip on so we put the propoflo down that.

He had been on a 24hr critical sheet but needless to say the only stats he was going to have done were injections through his drip line and visual checks... "yup, he's alive"

As he is only about a year old he is going to be recommended to a behaviourist. We often have nasty dogs in but this one was unreal.

We had another cross breed in that had a blood transfusion he was so critical on thursday. Friday it was a like playing with a ball in a tumble dryer sorting him. All he wanted to do was play. I swear he kept wetting his bed so we had to change it and he got a cuddle and game.

Doing his stats was "fun" he kept trying to wrap his paws round the stethoscope and yank it off or stick his head up and pull it out off my ears. No point feeling for a pulse he was to fat and bouncy.

When the door was opened he would jump in and out of his kennel only taking 2 steps to tease then sitting down and grinning at you as he got a big reaction ie vetnurse yelling stop and grabbing at him. He was attached to a drip and so to far would pull it out, however he knew the exact length and stayed within range.


dickiebo said...

He had you eating out of his hand, now didn't he?

Vetnurse said...

One eating out of the hand the other eating the hand!

joker the lurcher said...

my two are the latter type, except for being huge babies about injections - dave screams for ages afterwards! the first time it happened i thought it had hit a nerve but it was just lurcher wussiness

Sage said...

My old boy when he went in for castration was fine with the staff up to the operation afterwards he was unsociable and growly. I was asked if I would come and get him out of the kennels, and heard him have a bark and grumble at the staff.. when he heard my voice he was completely different and back to his usual happy state.

It might have been because his only experiences at the vets were unpleasant, and painful, but it was so far from his usual character that it was odd. It was after this incident that I swore he wouldn't have to go back unless it was serious.. he was 17 years old when I had him put to sleep and that was the next/last time he went to the vets..