Friday, 17 July 2009

A Wind Up

Well l am off for the weekend l will probably be back Monday for 2 days then off again till the following Monday so not deserted life just having a break. It is the Rhodie/Zim groups big yearly bash about 1000+ people expected. This weekend is put up and next weekend is the braai.

So l will be back just not sure of when over the next week. In the mean time a bit more about Tenerife Zoo.


Back in Tenerife and l was at Tenerife Zoo having a quiet amble around when l stopped to chat to the 4 Macaws. They were put out daily under a small thatch covered shade and the visitors could stroke them, feed them and take a chance on having fingers ripped off if the birds felt in the mood.
Have to admit l do not recall hearing they had ever ripped a finger off just that being a parrot they are perverse enough to do it if they take a want to.

I had a pocket of peanuts and was standing there chatting and feeding peanuts to them when one started to itch his head on my hand. I should have guessed there was something up as the others stood back almost whistling in innocence. Without warning the setup was sprung my head rubbing friend leant forward and grabbed the side of my watch and ripped the winder out. I stared in disbelief. That huge beak and my tiny winder from my lovely almost new only 6month old sekonda waterproof watch.

The bloody bird added insult to injury by playing with it in his beak. He rotated it like a redneck chewing on a toothpick, stuck it gently upright under his tongue and moved it round delicately. Pushed it flat and lent to his feed bowl took a sunflower seed out, shredded the skin and ate the seed. Pushed the winder out at me and cackled.
Went back to playing and took it out in his claws daring me to reach for it and making the evil heavy duty beak somehow prominent without trying. Ate some more food and shoved the winder back. Then ate food and held the winder under his tongue.
I tried blackmail, l tried to swop some nuts for the winder. He got the nuts l did not get the winder. His cohorts and dodgy macaw friends sat in smug silence watching this interplay nibbling on the odd treat from the food bowls and delicately scratching their heads as the mood took them.

Finally after 5mins l gave up and after a good swear went to walk away. With a harsh grawwk the bird delicately spat the winder out into the sand and gazed at me with the look that said “got you bitch now go grovel at my feet and look for your bloody winder”

I took the watch in for repair and it was, Tenerife fashion. I have the winder back in the hole, can not change the time, nor is it waterproof. I did use the watch for another couple of years getting into confusion at time changes till my own body clock readjusted. Now the battery is dead and the watch sits gathering dust in my draw till l get it repaired, one day.


Compostwoman said...


I am SO sorry..but LOL!

That is SO unfair to you....but it is SO funny!

I AM sorry about your watch, though...really.......



Vetnurse said...

Gee thanks for the sympathy Compost it was so frustrating l could have killed the bloody bird and roasted it :-))