Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hearts and Autopsies

I am at my favourite vets Mike Martins Heart Referral for 3 days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The worst part has been the heat, as much as l like hot l hate the stickyness.

The only problem with the here at the moment is that the bedroom is on the 3rd floor and all the heat has gone straight up and set up a home in the bedroom, l have the wondows open but the heat is holding tight screaming "no chance l aint going out there l like it here".

I have suddenly realised that there is sound on 2 of the computers so it has widened my options of reading and internet to listening to podcasts on the bbc, and looking at various freeview programmes. I had a look at the new channel4 programme that l missed on Monday night, autopsies on various large mammals that have died. Inside Natures Giants amazing, but l kept feeling sorry for the elephant keeper who l am sure was told what was going to happen and all l could think of was how upset he would probably be at her being an item for a tv programme.

Wibs had her heart scanned yesterday to see how it is doing. Great news is that the preassure is down slightly it was 4 and now it is down to an average of 3.5 so the kamagra is working.
She is still on her Asprin but l cut her from 1 1/4 2xs a day to 1. She put her back out (again) and a vet friend said put her up to 1 1/2 tablets 2xs a day for a few days she had a bad stomach reaction within 2 doses and ended up not having any for several days while the D+ settled down. It took such a small amount to tip her over l decided to cut her down slightly.

I buy her kamagra online 24/100mg tablets are £28. I decided to see how much the genuine viagra would cost and nearly fell off my pearch. 16/100mg tablets are between £230 to £290. She is staying on Kamagra. I crush the Viagra into some doggie chocs rollthem into a sausage and cut them into 8. So long as l wipe a bit of butter onto the doggie choc she eats them.
For those of you who are puzzled by the above and why Wibble would be on Kamagra (generic Viagra) this will explain

I was having a read of one of Mikes human heart magazines today and an article caught my eye. A study is beinng carried out for the best treatment for Myocardial infarction The first english patient to be signed up was done so by an ambulanceman.
Wow what a job it had to have been dreamed up by experts. I don't envy the ambulance crews having to get the people to agree.

Ahh well l am going to sign off and try and have a sleep if l can without cooking.

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Dave the Dog said...

Don't mind the 'Hearts' it's the 'Autopsies' I don't particularly want to consider at the moment! ;o)