Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hole lot of Trouble

Saturday morning l decided to do heavy work as opposed to the paperwork. We loaded the van with all sorts and the 3 big marquees.
Got to the party field and l held Wib’s while l got out the van. Next thing Tony (the driver) said l yelped and folded he said all he could see was me trying to save Wib’s from bring hurt as we disappeared from view he ran round. My foot had gone straight down a hole hidden by grass.
I lay for a few minutes things swirling and feeling sick made him move my ankle so l could "know" it wasn't broken, don't ask where the logic is l was too sore to think.
I would add l had shoes on and the only time l get into a problem and hurt myself is with shoes on they are dangerous.

The marquee group dropped me back at the camper to get Wib’s bed and water bowl and then at the cabin to do paperwork that l had tried to avoid. Matching guest passes, tickets for drinks, braai packs, boerewors packs (type of South African sausage), and putting them into envelopes with members names on and what was in each envelope which are handed out during booking in. This was started at 9am and ended at about 19:00 to put it in polite terms it is a sod of a job.

My foot swelled and got discoloured but by my reckoning not to badly. l soaked it in a bowl of water and ice. Great this for someone who microwaves salads and ice cream as l hate the cold so much.
I was upset that l missed walking the marquee over we left up post POTS l was looking forward to that.
Later on l managed to hobble back to party field and helped put up the other 3 newly bought marquees and got in trouble for not resting, but l felt guilty not working as l went there to work.
That afternoon back to do paperwork and then join hub at the van for dinner, he arrived back from the parachute centre which is fairly close. A friend gave me a bandage and hub wrapped my ankle with that.

Sunday just sat and talked to friends and took it easy. The bulk of the work was done. The lads were building the bar, others went home during the day, we came home Sunday evening and are meeting back Wednesday.

Monday l had hub drop me at A & E about 7am so l could get the ankle x-rayed and prove to my Mum who was already in major panic over the thing it was just badly strained. A & E was nice and quiet as expected at that time. The nurse practitioner was worried about blood flow but l pointed out that pressing and getting 5mins of white until the blood flows back is normal for me, she wheeled me off for an x-ray not believing me.

I get so envious at human radiography, l realise not all is easy but pretty much none of the veterinary is easy unless the animal is comatose and lying on its side. Other than that they need a GA or very deep sedation.
Back to wait for the xr to be delivered and then wheeled back to a bay, this time the nurse prac. Checked both my feet and finally realised that l was right both feet had big white depression spots waiting for blood to get back to them......eventually and were cold.
After a good look at the xr and a poke and twisting from her with whimpers from me the decision was a severe strain and a pair of crutches with instructions to stay off it. So a few days rest before braai then there is lots of work to do.
These elbow crutches are not easy to use still l am getting the hang of them just what a start to July braai week can not believe it.


joker the lurcher said...

ow ow ow! ow!

i snapped my achilles a few years ago and i totally sympathise with you over the crutches - i have carpel tunnel and my wrists kept giving way and depositing me on the deck. in the end i borrowed some old fashioned armpit crutches.

i hope you enjoy your bash in spite of it!

Vetnurse said...

Thanks Joker am hoping it goes smooth from now on. You never seem to see those under arm crutches nowadays but they have to be easier with balancing weight l don't know why they stopped them.

Hogday said...

Ouch, ouch. Bad sprains are often worse than a simple fracture (speaking as an idiot who used to play a lot of football). Dip your foot in the beer bucket!