Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekend Relaxation

Had a nice weekend away at the braai where l did not clean any loos but did a lot of running around, fetching and carrying.
The campsite Beechwood is very relaxing with lots of trees all over it, they provide a nice dappled shade in the sun, when the sun appears that is. There is fishing ponds for those into fishing and you can either camp or hire one of their log cabins. A small onsite shop has bits that are needed.

Heard the unheard of comment that one of the members about his Labrador that is very sweet and a dustbins on legs (as are all Labrador's). She was so stuffed with food she refused her breakfast Sunday morning. On the Saturday during the pig roast she munched on slices that she was given by the cook, one for the plate one for Judy.
Lengths of biltong (dried meat) that she nicked from the butcher for which she did a spell of “jail term” on her dog lead.

The Morning After the First Night

Setting up the Pig

Roasting Well

People Arrivng, We Took Over 3 Fields

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Dave the Dog said...

Spot on with the Labs. Mine was called 'Dyson' because he was better than a Hoover! ;o)