Sunday, 7 June 2009

More Blood, More Sweat and More Tea.

I am mid a load of night shifts at the moment l still wonder why l keep saying l will do them, then l go ahead and agree to do a load more. I guess it is the joy of being self employed. At the moment work is hard and there is a lot of nights for me so needs must, even so 9 years odd of nights is more than enough for anyone sane or insane.

Still that is enough moaning for now, I go onto Tom Reynolds blog Random Acts of Reality most days. Well worth the read about his work and life as an E.M.T. with the London Ambulance service. It was Tom who gave me to push to do my own blog so l am happy to put his book up.

His original book "Blood, Sweat and Tea" is available as a hard copy from his site or via Amazon

If you click on his book below you are then able to read it online just follow the icons

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Dave the Dog said...

Thats my next buy. When is yours coming out VN ;o)