Sunday, 14 June 2009

Pamper Day

Well my Dad is out of the hospital and now in respite care. He has been there just over a week. At the place he is at they can spend up to 6 weeks on rehab. He is very weak and is trying to build his strength up. So he can for instance stand up on his own again and walk round. Once up he can get about a bit but not to far as his legs are “wobbly”.
His tum is still not 100% but hopefully that will sort it’s self out.

The other good thing is visiting times. The hospital was only 19:00-20:00 and if you were lucky you got in at 19:10. As they had such measly visiting you would think that they would go all out to make sure relatives got the full hour, no chance.
As l work so many nights l was able to get special visiting permission for when l was doing nights so that helped a bit otherwise l would never have seen my Dad.
At the home we can visit at all sorts of times and spoilt for choice. They only ask for no visiting during mealtimes which is fair enough.

I have been in touch with a group of carers so that my mum can meet others who look after family/friends and we sent to a meeting the other day. It was not the best of days to go for a first one as it was their mini fair for carers with all sorts of help stands there.
Met some friends of my Mums from Age Concern who asked if my mum was going to the pamper day. I said yes (got bleak looks from my mum) but l wasn’t sure where it was. We all got ourselves confused as there was 2 lots of pamper days running on the same day, different groups. I had booked into a rival one. The upshot was l was also asked as there was some spare spaces did l want a treatment so l said go ahead.

So the next day we trotted off to the club it was held at and l had a face and head massage and my mum a neck and face massage. Not sure how mum liked, she has not had a massage before but think she enjoyed it and l thoroughly enjoyed it. I got home and fell fast asleep. Mind you as l had done 2 nights of end work at 03:30 and get up for 10am as well as the 4 other nights of 22:- 08 l was probably ready for a sleep.

Apparently there is some more pamper days coming up so l will try and at least get my mum onto them. It is great for carers as there is no charge. The 2 lasses doing it were from the local hair and beauty college and were trainee teachers. So everyone wins. Carers get a lovely pamper and the college gets to help the community.

I did not contact the other group about their pamper day. When l had rung for directions a few days before the bloke l spoke to was very rude. I said l was dropping my mum off and he kept telling me it was only for carers. I told him about 4 times my mum WAS the carer l was just the driver, but he wasn’t listening. In the end l lost my temper with him. Snarled that my father was in hospital my mother was his carer l was just the sodding driver and a few other comments, I may have penetrated his only brain cell as he gave me directions. I slammed the phone down without thanking him. But with that attitude l did not feel obliged to let them know we weren’t going.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

t a godo pamper - sure your mum enjoyed it:)

As for the other one- hard to beat such customer service - I hope they go out of business!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for your father being out of hospital, hope he's doing better.

Dave the Dog said...

Nice to hear he's out. I hope he improves well.

JuliaM said...

That's good news!

"When l had rung for directions a few days before the bloke l spoke to was very rude."

Ahhh, the public sector. Nice to customers? Rude to customers? Both equally valid, they've no choice, after all...