Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Greens and CPD

I understand that the reason the green party did not get more votes in the election just held was discovered.....................................

The voters kept putting their ballot papers into the recycle bin!

And on that note l am off for a day CPD on offer from Hills pet food on "Renal failure in cats" or something like that l have an idea it is also about "FUS" (cats with blocked bladders).
I finally get to meet one of the nurses off the big vetnurse site, we have spoken to each other on various occasions but never met, only about 400 other regulars off the site to meet.
I shall scandalise the local yokels as l will be barefoot, l find that comfier. Shall shove my shoes into my handbag in case l need them although am not sure why l would in the hotel?

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