Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I Won

Well have to say had a really good day. It was all about cats today and renal failure all morning then urinary tract disease all afternoon. Hills arranged the roadshow and had some new info coming out from a group called IRIS They have some good links if your dog or cat has renal failure.
Course notes are top notch full colour and in a thick book. All to often if you get notes you just get a few photo copied pages.

I met several people l knew which always cheers the day up being able to catch up on gossip from the different practices. K asked if l was not taking my shoes to lunch, l assured her l was and pointed at my bag where they were hiding. She shook her head in despair. Lovely lass she does a fantastic impression of a drunken sheep, all she says is Baaaaaa and everyone falls over laughing. K has a fantastic temperament and is always happy and looks slightly insane. You know the big yellow happy faces well put a slight buck tooth there and l swear she was their model.

We had croissants and coffee on arrival and ermm l had 4 croissants. Mid morning had doughnuts cut in half so l didn't get to greedy just 1/2 and loaded the sliced fruit they had out... grapes, kiwi fruit and strawberry's.
Lunch was a choice so l had lasagne, chips then buffet and as l was at the back of the line everyone had only taken a bit to make sure there was enough left, there was tons. So l pigged on smoked salmon, roast beef, mayonnaise spuds, bit of salad popadum and pickled gherkins. Desert was cheesecake and thick cream.
Mid afternoon was a thick flapjack but l only managed a nibble. I over did lunch and the sweets on the table that l nibbled on during the talk. Well they left them out for us and l raided the sweetie bowl on our table post talk, so have a big horde of humbugs at home.
I rang hub to say l was on the way and never thought to mention l had eaten. I got back to a big dinner. When l said l had eaten he made me feel so guilty l ate dinner and have spent the evening sucking antacids and feeling ill.

The best part of the day was that l won the first name out the hat, l never win all l could say was "That's me it can't be me, l mean you made a mistake wow me"!!!.
It was a book from Cat Professional on Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Given the amount that we deal with at the emergency clinic it is a very useful book.
The great thing about this site is aimed at owners and professionals that the publications are downloadable if you live overseas. They also have several free articles which look good.

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