Thursday, 18 September 2014

Menopause...Opps! maybe not.

I had been suffering since Brian passed with a building up of menopause but am a stubborn person that doesn't trust the medical profession especially with what Mum and Dad went through so l self treated. Fancy words for ignored it. After 3 years though things were getting out of control l had around 28 of 32 symptoms.

On our holiday in September last year 2013 when we went to Germany for a month in the motorhome with 3 days in Switzerland l have rather large blank spots, when we got back l was almost collapsing getting to the other side of the road and felt maybe better see the Dr.

After a few blood tests l was informed that l was a type2 diabetic, ahh well such is life, and l was to get my blood glucose under control or l would be going on insulin and l had "high" cholestrol.
I would be on Metformin 3xs a day for t2 and statins for cholestrol.

Well T2 not a problem will deal with it, cholestrol ok l will deal with it... statins shove up your... ok so l didn't say that but said no way on gods earth was l taking statins l did say that.

This resulted in a huge argument
"you will die"
"so l die"
you won't die you will live a vegatable and be a drain on your family"
"no l won't l have a living will"

While this was going on Andy (more about him in a different post but my new hub) is sitting next to me shaking in silent hysterical laughter. I glared at him, sadly he can be slow to take warning.
Then back to arguing with the dr.

After 5mins when he realised he was getting nowhere he gave up and we discussed my throat palpitations that were out of control... was actually the heart palpating but in my case l felt it in my throat. He arranged for me to wear a halter monitor for 24hrs and the readings showed a few minor problems so he arranged for the specialist.

It took about 5 weeks for me to see the diabetic nurse and in that time my bloods were thanks to my monitor and low carb high fat under tight control. The DN read my blood figures and decided l could come off one of the metformin. She didn't like my diet, tough nhs is dinosaurs no wonder so many folks have T2 muttered statins l was polite gave her all the reasons no and she backed off.

I saw the cardiac specialist in January and had ecg and pacing tests and echo, all were 100% and the palpitations had almost gone apart from when l got stressed. Glucose under control solved the problem.

The podiatrist that l saw l was worring about so l walked in and said... "I am a barefooter, have been for all my life apart from work when l wear crocs and the odd time out. My feet suffer in shoes and if you don't like it..l will go now."
Give her her due she said to sit and she would run tests if there was a problem we would tackle it. I got a clear bill of foot health, her direct phone number for any worries l had and told go and enjoy life, barefoot.

By february when l saw the diabetic nurse for my first Hba1c the blood test that checks 3 months back l was at 5.5 which is halfway in the normal people non diabetic range. Same again in June and  l am now on 1 metformin a day.

The sites l use for my diabetes and diet. Anyone diabetic out there (of any sort even prediabetic) look up DietDoctor first then head for the other 2 that is if you want to get yourself under control.

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