Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Australian Bushfires

EDIT = I have changed the link for Aunty Jane's Blog as she has another post and also a virtual dog show to help people raise money. So please click on the link in the main post and see how to help.

I have also found this link of photos from the fire


The Australian bushfires are causing devastation and l have placed a link to Jane Allens Blog for a very personal view Auntie Jane’s Musings

l found these 2 links if anyone wants to offer help. They are both from the same website ABC (Australian Broadcasting) just different sections. Worldwide and local assistance and this link immediate local offers The links all have email addresses and phone numbers for you to contact with your offers.

I personally hope that whoever is found to have started the fires is hung drawn and gutted over a slow roast fire.


Auntie Jane said...

Thank you very much for the links. You feel so helpless sat here (in the UK), in the safety and comfort of our own home with your dogs around you, when all this is going on the other side of the world... and it is affecting your friends who now live there.

Vetnurse said...

Yes know what you mean those of us from zimbabwe/rhodesia have the same problem.

Hogday said...

Thanks Vetnurse and Auntie Jane. My cousin lives West of Melbourne near the start of the Great Ocean Road, in a safe area. However, our good friends live in Bendigo, 2 hrs North and although a long way from the village that was razed, they had fires which destroyed 50 or so homes. I phoned him and he told me that the flames weren't simply `setting fire` to properties as they reached them, they were literally causing an instant inferno, like an explosion. Utterly mind-blowing.