Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cats & Speeding Cars

Sorry l am in the middle of night shifts and not really connecting with my brain cells. I will just put up the x-ray of a cat that was involved in an RTA.

It may make anyone who thinks of speeding because there is no one around think again. There is always the unexpected and it is estimated that a cat gets hit by a speeding car every 2 minutes in UK.


Dave the Dog said...

Ouch! Not good, not good at all.

I assume purpleplus?

TonyF said...

"it is estimated that a cat gets hit by a speeding car every 2 minutes in UK."

I bet it's getting fed up about it too....;-)

One of our Ginger females was hit by a car (we think) she was stone deaf, and a bit potty. Lovely natured though.

Annette said...

Oohhh, nasty.
Poor thing.

JuliaM said...

Oh, that's bad. What's the prognosis?

Auntie Jane said...

It always worried me when driving with parked cars lining the road.

There's a narrow bit of road near where I live (in the Fens), where cars line both sides in the evening or at night. It's a tiny village.

I always worry that a cat might go to cross the road. I drive very slowly through.

Sage said...

I don't like killing any animal, not even the squirrels who raid my walnut tree so I never get any nuts... the cats where I live are lucky in that we live in a quiet area, but I noted one last week only had 3 legs now.

Vetnurse said...

Sorry just remembered l forgot to reply.
Has been a long set of nights and a few left to go (next sunday) You know things are bad when you put one x-ray film into the developer take a blank one out of the box, put that into the developer, close the still empty cassette, walk out the room and think now something isnt right but what is it.
Happened to me last night.
Anyhow no sorry this cat did not make it. The pelvis was to badly damaged and the cat was 13years old.
This particular x-ray is quite old but it is a typical pelvis problem.

Part of the trouble with cats is they get half way across a road, get scared and cut back. A lot of them are hit on the cut back to start position.