Thursday, 26 February 2009

Problems Viewing Blog

If you have problems viewing this or other blogs. Yesterday my IE started to crash and my Mum on AOL has not been able to load the blog but firefox has been stable.
Update to IE 8 (internet explorer 8) I have just done so and all is stable. Get the update from the microsoft updater site.


Annette said...

It seems fine now!
Every time I went to your blog site a notice came up saying that internet explorer could not download your blog site.
I had just enough time to tell you before it clicked off.

Lesley said...

Firefox seems stable, did have a few moments when no matter what I did I couldnt leave a comment, seems ok now though.
Thanks for the info on IE8.

Keep the blog flowing caro, I think that its great.

How is Wibs?

Hogday said...

The wrong creatures were behind the wire on this occasion.

I appreciated this reminder of how many sub-morons there are wandering about out there, driving cars, producing offspring etc (the former requiring a licence and the skill to pass a test). It's a small miracle that this `supervisor cretin` managed to get dressed all on her own - unless she had written instructions like, "First socks, THEN shoes".

Auntie Jane said...

I was most upset when I couldn't get in to read your blogs... I missed two but have caught up now.

That poor Westie.

Then that woman with the kids at the zoo. I can hardly believe anyone can be so stupid and irrisponsable when in charge of other people's children.