Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow and Skydiving

I don’t often get the chance to spend time with hub on weekends. I am usually working at some point of it and he goes away to the parachute centre. This past weekend though we had Friday, Saturday and Sunday together and went to Langer on Friday.

I spent the weekend wrapped in warm clothes in the heated camper, supping hot mugs of coffee and poking my head out every so often to see if the world was still cold and passing by, correct on both accounts. I caught up on several books l have out from the library and perused the internet. Thought l would share one of the sites l had a good chuckle over for those who need snowman inspiration for different sorts of figures. Calvin and Hobbs

Wibble has not seen such deep snow and was not amused at it. She had had severe diarrhoea on Thursday night at work and l was a bit worried. She started on some anti D+ treatment. The problem was it went from pouring out to her not going for 2 days. Mind you l only re stared her on a tiny bit of food on Friday night and do not think much of anything was left in her. She went out into the garden when we got home and l was busy but l am hoping she finally went. As a precaution she is off her Aspirin but l will restart her tomorrow all being well.

Hub has been jumping now for 37 years and not many are still jumping who have been in the sport that long. I have done about 65 jumps but gave up, as l am a student it was to expensive for both of us to fall out of planes.

Friday there was only a few people at the centre so no jumping.
Saturday they could not get the plane out of the hanger due to ice and snow so they tried to grit the bad areas.
Sunday they got the jump programme going. It was between -28 to -30 at 13.000 feet.

(Sorry not great photos it was on my cam phone and l was shivering!)

Hub Landing Under Green Chute

Collecting Gear After Landing

Early Morning

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Annette said...

You've done a parachute jump?
Well done, I would be too scared to do that I must admit.
Glad you finally got some time to be together, sounds like you ahd a great weekend.